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  1. Hi,

    As a strong voice in the pet community, I'm hoping you will be willing to spread the word about the Rarity of pets. I am hoping that bringing awareness to the situation Blizzard may reconsider the "Rare Pet" concept. I don't want Blizzard picking my pets for me. I don't want them saying my pets aren't special. I don't want my favorite pets to be out geared because they aren't "Rare".

    I don't mind going through a list a families and deciding which undead pet I like, but reducing that list because now I can only pick the Rare version so I'm not at an automatic disadvantage defeats the purpose of this casual game. Pick what's pretty to you and Fight. That should be all that matters. Each pet has a strength and weakness. This is changing into each some pets are automatically stronger or have a lesser weakness.

    If Rares have to be in the game, then I would prefer a way to unlock or buff which ever pet I want to be the rare instead of having Blizzard decide. I just don't want PBS to become like raiding where you have to have a BiS pet.

    1. @Tadedra: This is a topic that I plan on touching on in a future blog post. I still don't have a firm opinion about the "pet quality" aspect of Pet Battles yet, but I'll definitely bring up both sides of the argument.

  2. Thank you on everything you do, Wow pets are one of the main reason why I still play this game and continue to go out of my way and collect. I apperciate all the time and effort you put into this.

    1. @Anonymous: Thank you for such kind words! Good luck and happy collecting :)


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