Name: Quintessence
Occupation: vanity pet lover and collector, WarcraftPets.com volunteer, guild leader, raider, herbalist, "that druid constantly jumping over there in the corner"

My pet collection

On World of Warcraft: Due to its ever-changing nature, one must have a certain degree of adaptability and flexibility. Not all changes may initially be favorable or good, but only time will tell how the road will twist and turn in the end. Knee-jerk reactions to change is part of human nature, but taking the time to calm down and thoroughly contemplate the situation and issues before formulating an opinion is a quality that is necessary for players who do not wish to burn themselves out. It's also ok to change or alter opinions and ideas. There is never a concrete or absolute "right/wrong" or "hard/easy".

On pet collecting: There are three things that I attribute to successful mini-pet collecting - persistence, patience, and knowledge. Having a lot of money to spend on companions is always a plus too lol. :P Sadly for me, I don't have a lot of spare cash. :(

The Writer and the Blog
Well I find it a little silly that I have to make a new blog just for vanity pet talk, but most people just don't get it or want to hear it. So... here I am! Err... I guess this is the part where I get the embarrassing introductions out of the way.

I started playing WoW in 2005. My first pet was the Siamese Cat (from deadmines), which was passed to me oh so lovingly..... because it was such a common drop and everyone else already had it. -_-

When did my pet collecting grow into an obsession? It's hard to say, really. I think my desire to "collect them all" truly exploded during BC.

But even before then, whenever I had the chance or opportunity, I would grab a pet here and there, mainly from vendors. I enjoyed having a small companion follow me aimlessly around azeroth as I quested, leveled, and did other mundane activities.

Pretty soon my collection had grown to a hefty size and I reached a turning point; what to do now that all the vendor pets were bought and "ooo'ed and ahh'ed" over?? I started to do some research on the harder to obtain pets. The challenge seemed so exciting and enticing, especially when you're dealing with numbers such as 1 in 1,000.

I didn't mind the grinding, farming, and endless waiting. It felt really rewarding to finally reach the end of the rainbow and find a cute little pet waiting for me. Not to mention that pet collecting was still mainly an underground activity, and most didn't see the point. Competition for pets was next to zero.

Fast forward weeks, months years, and now I am here. My pet collection is still growing, but never complete.

I've had a love/hate relationship with pet collecting thus far. Some changes I absolutely loved (THANK YOU LEARN ON EQUIP PET ITEMS!) and some changes I didn't find as appealing.

Perks N Peeves serves as a place where I can discuss these likes/dislikes when it comes to WoW companion pets. I mainly focus on the collecting side of things as I am (and will always be) a collector first and battler second, but I sometimes mention strats or setups for PVE pet battles.

Hopefully those of like mind will make their way here and find some of my posts a little amusing/informational at the very least.
- Quintessence

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