Monday, June 24, 2019

Save the Dates - Patch 8.2 Raiding/Dungeon Schedule

Patch 8.2 brings a new raid (The Eternal Palace) and a megadungeon (Operation: Mechagon).
  • 7 new pets will be from the raid (3 wild, 4 drops, all difficulties)
  • 6 new pets will be from the 5-player dungeon (4 wild, 2 drops, dungeon is Mythic-only)

Both of these zones will not be open at the start of Patch 8.2.
Official schedule announcement here

Here's the release schedule for battle pet collectors:

JULY 9, 2019
The Eternal Palace (Normal and Heroic)
Operation: Mechagon (Mythic-only dungeon)

JULY 16, 2019
The Eternal Palace (LFR Wing 1)
- Mindlost Bloodfrenzy (Blackwater Behemoth)

- Blackchasm Crawler, wild and found on the watery platforms in Halls of the Chosen, before the Lady Ashvane encounter

- Chitterspine Deepstalker, wild and found in the tunnel that leads to Lady Ashvane's area, after the Blackwater Behemoth encounter

- Trench Slug, wild and found as secondaries

JULY 30, 2019
The Eternal Palace (LFR Wing 2)
- Lightless Ambusher (Lady Ashvane)

AUGUST 13, 2019
The Eternal Palace (LFR Wing 3)
- Nameless Octopode (Za'qul)
- Zanj'ir Poker (Queen Azshara)

It's currently unclear where we'll find the wild pets within The Eternal Palace raid, or how we'll gain access to them.
  • Will they be similar to the Dream Whelpling from the Emerald Nightmare raid (need to defeat a specific encounter before they spawn)?
  • Or will they just be spawned in various locations, similar to Operation: Mechagon?
  • Will they only be near certain bosses, meaning those doing LFR will need to do a specific wing for a specific wild pet?
  • Will they even appear in LFR as well as other difficulties?

I'll update this page once more is revealed about these pets.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

8.2 PTR - Nazjatar Slimy Pets Process

Thanks to the efforts of @patf0rd on Twitter, we now know how we'll be collecting "slimy" pets in Patch 8.2.

Players will likely need to progress in the zone a little bit before being able to see lootable crystals around the area. Possible prerequisites: pick up and complete the one-time quest in front of a Ravenous Slime, and unlock World Quests in the zone.

1. Collect Prismatic Crystals (lootable objects lying on the ground on Nazjatar, usually near water/waterfalls, possible prerequisites prior to seeing these objects)
2. Use a crystal to charm a Nazjatar critter
3. "Feed" a Ravenous Slime (total of 4 different slimes) with the charmed critter (slime will 'fall asleep' and despawn after feeding)
4. Repeat for a few days with each slime and eventually the slimes will spawn as cocoons instead of 'falling asleep', with a lootable "slimy" pet inside

Here's a map of where the Ravenous Slimes are located, plus coordinates (thanks @patf0rd!):

/way 32.8 39.7 Slime 151875
/way 45.7 24.1 Slime 151874
/way 71.8 25.6 Slime 151782
/way 54.9 48.6 Slime 151218

As noted above, the crystals tend to spawn near waterfalls. It takes a while for them to respawn, but they do pop back up in what seems to be set locations. Check back every now and then for additional crystals.

Looting the cocoon drops a random "slimy" pet, and you can get duplicates. So it looks like we'll have to repeat this process many times to collect all 7.

Each slime that turns into a cocoon will not respawn the next day, and will instead reset the following week. So it's essentially a "weekly".

Further testing by @patf0rd revealed that feeding the slimes is character-specific and not account-wide. So I guess you could bring alts to Nazjatar to find/loot crystals for the process. This might give collectors more chances for the "slimy" pets that they need/want.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

8.2 PTR - Wild Pet Colors of Mechagon & Nazjatar

Many of the upcoming wild pets on Mechagon and Nazjatar come in multiple skins. Here's a visual guide and some notes on these pets.

Most are unique colors and I haven't found any other pets that have the same model+color to stand-in for these wild pets. Other pets that I haven't yet collected on the PTR could be used as substitutes if they come in multiple skins, but we won't know for sure until 8.2 is released.

Image heavy after the page break!
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