Thursday, May 25, 2017

Squirky Now Available & 7.2.5 PTR Updates

This week has been full of pet news!

First and foremost is Squirky (at last!) -- Blizzard revealed where this battle pet comes from. As many collectors already guessed, she can be found on Seabreak Isle, off the north-western coast of Azsuna. Squirky is a level 25 wild pet that you have to capture, so I hope you're well equipped to deal with the 110 hostile elites roaming the small island. :P

But not only is Squirky finally available in-game, Blizzard also released a plushie version! Another baby murloc plush joins the family. :)

(Note: The in-game pet and the plushie are not tied to each other. You do not need to buy the plushie to collect the battle pet.)

Second bit of news comes from the 7.2.5 PTR. Two new pets and an updated pet from a previous build.

The Ageless Bronze Drake uses a mount model, scaled down, which is pretty neat! It's possible this is just a placeholder model though, but having more mini-mount pets would open up so many pet possibilities!

I'm not quite sure if the Time-Lost Wallet is a general reward for completing the scenario, or if it's more of a rarer drop/reward. It's also unclear how often we can complete the scenario. In general, even after reading a preview, I really don't know/understand much of the new feature. All I know for sure, so far, is that I dislike timed-events...which is what the Chromie scenario seems to be.

Hopefully more information with more detail will be released soon.

The other newest pet, Sun Darter Hatchling, is very lovely indeed!

It's unknown where the Oddly-Colored Egg will come from, however the flavor text of the pet makes it sound as if it could come from Argus. Either directly from the future zone, or transported to Azeroth from the other world.

Again, all of this is subject to change, so we'll just have to wait and see!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Save the Date: May 19th - Squirt (NA) + Pet Battle Bonus Event

For those in the NA region, mark your calendars! This week is the Pet Battle Bonus event, and Squirt is due to arrive May 19th.

According to this handy chart, it's the only day (so far?) where Squirt's arrival and the Pet Battle Bonus event overlap.

Time to gather up all of those Pet Treats (although these might not even be needed when facing Squirt during this event), don your Safari Hat, and get your pets ready for some power leveling.

Happy pet battling, everyone! :)
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