Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Road to Prestige 7 Companions

I finally earned Prestige Rank 7 this past Thanksgiving holiday. Hooooooraaaay!

*many sighs of relief* It only took me... a year and 3 months lol.

For those still working on and/or dreading the Prestige grind, don't take how long it took me to heart. I wasn't consistent and periodically took LOTS of time off from doing PVP WQs.

If you do 3 Towers plus at least 1 FFA WQ a day (with Battle Standard of Coordination dropped for all of them), it will take you roughly 178 days (or about 6 months) to reach Prestige 7 from scratch.

Here are some numbers (this Wowhead PVP guide is useful):

Prestige 1 - Alliance Enthusiast and Horde Fanatic
Honor 0 to Honor 50 (first time) = need 22,000 Honor

Prestige 7 - Dutiful Squire and Dutiful Gruntling
44,000 Honor for each Rank after x 6 Ranks = need 264,000 Honor

22,000 + 264,000 = need 286,000 Honor total

Honor Earned Daily
PVP Tower WQ = 345 (with Battle Standard)
PVP FFA WQ = 575 (with Battle Standard)

345 x 3 = 1035 + 575 = 1610 Honor earned daily

286000/1610 = ~178 days to Prestige 7

If you do battlegrounds/arenas, you can earn even more and the grind will go even quicker. However, the PVP WQs are just the basics and bare minimum.

6 months may seem like a long time, but considering the current estimation for the next expansion is some time summer of 2018, if you were to start the Prestige grind RIGHT NOW and stick with it, you should earn Prestige 7 before Battle For Azeroth.

Also, keep in mind that Blizzard's current plans are to keep these rewards post-Legion. They might not, however, be earned in the same method as currently, in BfA. We still don't know how they'll be awarded in the future, but at least we have peace of mind that they will not be Legion-exclusive.

If you can't earn these companions now, you *should* be ok and have the opportunity to (possibly in a different way) in the expansion. !!! DISCLAIMER !!!: THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND NOT SET IN STONE; complete the Prestige grind or don't using your own discretion.

Some tips for grinding to Prestige 7:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Developer Q&A - RE: Prestige Rewards Post Legion

There was a live Developer Q&A today, and I'm just getting a chance to sit down and watch. No pet battle questions were directly answered, but we did get a bit of clarification on what will happen to the PVP Prestige pets post-Legion.

Here's a clip of when Game Director Ion Hazzikostas addresses Prestige. Keep in mind that this does NOT guarantee ANYTHING. If you watch earlier (couldn't clip the entire Prestige answer), he notes that they're still unsure but re-evaluating what to do with Prestige, Honor, and the whole thing in BfA. It does lean more toward making current Prestige rewards still available, even after this expansion is over. Perhaps in a different manner than how we obtain the rewards now, but still available.

"Regardless, we want to make sure the Prestige rewards that are currently available will still be available in whatever form we have in the future. We'll have more information to come basically."

This is better news than no news at all, IMO. I'm glad to hear that their current plan is to not simply retire the current rewards come BfA.

Even with this news, I still plan on finishing up my grind to Prestige 7 this month. I'm so close, I don't plan on quitting now. Today's developer response is great for others who may want to take it much more slowly though! If you're "behind" on the Prestige grind, that's ok! There's time. At least for now. Couldn't hurt to get started a little bit by little bit sooner instead of later though. ;)

You can watch the full Dev Q&A, or read about it on Wowhead.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Post-BlizzCon 2017

Another year and another wonderful BlizzCon! I was unable to attend this year, but was there in spirit and through the Virtual Ticket. All of the reveals had me excited yet overwhelemed. Blizzard always does such a good job with presentations, panels and cinematics that get you super pumped about their games. *_*

During the opening ceremony it was revealed that a plushie version of Shadow will be available in the near future, and proceeds up until the end of the year will be donated to disaster relief efforts. We also learned that over the years, fans have helped generate over $15 million for charitable causes. :O

In terms of Pet Battle announcements, Wowpedia had an interview with developer Jeremy Feasel and very briefly discussed the topic.
Pet Battle?
Yes, going to keep expanding dungeons. No ideas yet, but it's definitely coming
Pet battle WQs are cool, that may keep going on too
Plenty of uprez'd pet models, including a new big fat fluffy cat gorging itself on fish

The fluffy cat?
Both big fluffy cat with a big body and big face, and also a big fluffy face with a regular cat body

That's as much as we know for now. I'm sure once Battle for Azeroth testing/datamining begins we'll find out more.

I saw a couple of neat creatures during some of the WoW panels that I'm hoping will be battle pets in BfA. The little kid turtle... could that be Tottle?

There are still quite a few unknowns about the upcoming expansion, and lots of questions that will need answering. As far as I can tell, most Pet Battle content will be unaffected by the system changes coming with BfA. I have to wonder how old-world farming for rares, mounts, pets, collectibles, etc. will be impacted by scaling though (if at all).

We'll have to wait and see how things play out. As with all things, it's a Work In Progress and things are Not Yet Final. ;)

Thank you to all the hardworking folks at Blizzard for bringing us another fun convention, and for their tireless, unending efforts to bring us the best games/content possible. It was a whirlwind of a weekend - time to unwind and let it all sink in! ^^;
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