Friday, January 20, 2017

7.2 PTR - Pet Battle Dungeon (Wailing Caverns) Preview + First Impressions

Patch 7.2 will bring a new feature and challenge for Pet Battlers: a Pet Battle Dungeon!

Requirements: players must be level 110 and have a level 25 pet

The NPC in Dalaran (Broken Isles) will offer a new quest, A Call From the Caverns, which sends you to search for Muyani in Northern Barrens. You'll find this NPC in the left eye-socket of the skull above Wailing Caverns (see image below).


She'll have a second quest, Wailing Critters, and this sends you into a scenario version of Wailing Caverns to defeat the enemy pets inside. Speak with her again after picking up the quest to queue into the dungeon.

There's a total of 7 Stages in the Pet Battle Dungeon. Not a short run, so be prepared to sit down and do some Pet Battling!

Stage 1 - Defeat 3 different pets, Deviate Smallclaw (common beast), Deviate Chomper (common aquatic), Deviate Flapper (common flying)

Each pet comes with 2 adds. The pets are all level 25, common quality, and have the Elite passive.

Enemy teams are "locked" per instance. If you leave and rezone, the secondary pets on the enemy teams may change slightly.

Leaving the dungeon resets your progress, so only exit if you're ok with restarting the entire run.

You can heal/revive on the initial run (see below for additional details on a "challenge mode" version of the scenario).

Unknown if this is a bug or intended, but forfeiting most fights will result in your pet team taking damage (similar to forfeiting wild battles).

Stage 2 - Defeat Son of Skum (epic beast, 1745 HP, 305 Power, 294 Speed)
One level 25, epic quality enemy pet with the Boss passive

Stage 3 - Defeat 3 different pets, Phyxia, Dreadcoil, Vilefang (all uncommon beasts)

Similar to Stage 1, each encounter comes with 2 adds. All level 25, varying quality, Elite passive.

Stage 4 - Defeat Hiss (epic beast, 1614 HP, 319 Power, 311 Speed)
Same as Stage 2, one level 25, epic quality enemy with Boss passive

Stage 5 - Defeat 2 different pets, Growing Ectoplasm x2 (both rare magic pets)

Each enemy comes with 2 adds; all level 25, varying quality, Elite passive

Traveling to each battle requires running up a long tunnel. There are pulsating mushrooms (they're attackable) spread out around there that give you a stacking movement speed (debuff: Bilebloat).

Stage 6 - Confront the Shadowy Figure (le gasp!)

There's no actual Pet Battling for this objective. Simply walk up to the shadowy NPC lying on the ground (he gets up once you get close enough, you can follow him). Some dialogue/RP will occur, and you'll move onto the final stage.

Stage 7 - Defeat Budding Everliving Spore (legendary elemental, 2231 HP, 353 Power, 300 Speed)

Single pet fight against a level 25 legendary with the Boss passive.

Once you've completed the final stage, you can jump down the cliff and speak with the NPC who will teleport you out.

Currently, if you complete the quest, zone out, and then zone back in, all of the enemy pets will reappear inside. I don't know if this intended or not. I haven't tested how much pet experience is earned from each battle, so I can't say if zoning in and out of the Pet Battle Dungeon would be a good tactic to level pets or not.

Turn in the quest and you'll be rewarded with an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone. ' that it?' you might be wondering. That's definitely NOT the end!

Muyani will have a follow up quest (must have a certain number of max level pets, possibly 15, for this quest to pop up):
Pet Battle Challenge: Wailing Caverns (account-wide weekly quest) - This quest rewards Damp Pet Supplies (chance to drop 3 new pets).

There's a catch to re-entering the Pet Battle Dungeon for the second quest: NO healing or reviving (similar to the Celestial Tournament). That's right, this is the "Challenge Mode" version of the dungeon!

With this in mind, I'd say this version is meant for more experienced and veteran battlers. This is a great option for those looking for something more along the lines of "end game" (although I'm sure some will be annoyed that they need to do the initial "easy/boring" dungeon first, before heading into the harder stuff).


My initial impressions (I've already left feedback on the Bnet forums, but I'll go ahead and add them here too)...

  • Fairly accessible to Pet Battlers of varying experience/knowledge. Initial run was straight forward, no real difficult gimmick. Only needed a handful of pets to complete the run.
  • Unlike Celestial Tournie, you can heal/revive in the initial run. Makes it less punishing for newer/less experienced battlers.
  • A second run can be done ("challenge mode") where no healing/reviving is allowed. Excellent option for more experienced battlers! (different reward)
  • Interesting cliffhanger for the initial quest! The antagonist is still at large, so I hope this hints at future Pet Battle content continuing the storyline. :)

  • Forfeiting the majority of the encounters results in your team taking damage (similar to forfeiting wild battles). This may be a relatively minor issue, but will cause issue/headache for those that attempt the "challenge mode" version.
  • There's no easy/obvious way to exit the dungeon at the end, other than jumping down from the cliff.
  • Traveling to Wailing Caverns is a bit annoying, but minor issue.
  • Time commitment. This dungeon isn't exactly short. 7 Stages to go through takes time. Debatable if it's too long of a scenario. Exiting resets your progress so taking a break isn't an option.

The "normal mode" version of the dungeon will be very straight forward for veteran battlers. I only needed a few pets to defeat all encounters. You'll mainly go up against beast, flying, and aquatic pet families, so as long as you have pets that are strong/counter those, it should be relatively easy.

I've yet to try the Celestial Tournament version of the dungeon, so I can't comment on the difficulty level there yet. I'm thinking of waiting until there's a fix for losing pet health when you forfeit some of the battles, because that seems like an added and unnecessary level of headache.

All in all, I'm glad that there's something for everyone. Newer battler? Can still give this Pet Battle a try! Veteran battler? There's a challenge for you in there...go get it. ;)

I'm undecided on the rewards. The battlestone I could see benefiting newbies. Veterans will probably just bank it or use it on a spare pet (to sell/trade/keep).

The "challenge mode" reward seems appealing at first, but depending on the drop rate of the 3 new pets... it could become a tedious chore if it requires MANY MANY runs. Like I noted earlier, this isn't exactly a short run. Getting to Wailing Caverns also takes some time as well. The amount of time needed to get there, do the run, and then contending with RNG bag drops... it could get frustrating.

Not to mention the rewards are essentially reskins of existing pets. Is this enough of a draw for collectors?

Once collectors have the 3 new pets, what's to keep them from going back? Nothing, really. But I guess most abandoned the Celestial Tournament after getting all of the rewards, too. Perhaps the longevity of this content is not that big of a deal.

We'll see how well received (or not) this content is with the pet community. I'm cautiously optimistic about it. Although I may have enjoyed the experience for the most part, I can definitely see how this dungeon might come off as mediocre or 'ho-hum' to others.

7.2 PTR (Already!) - 8 New Pets

2017 is starting off with a fairly big bang for Pet Battlers/collectors! The 7.2 PTR is up and running, although much of it still seems like a WIP. More updates/fixes are sure to come as things get flushed out.

There are currently 8 new pets (with a model of a Hearthstone pet, datamined by Wowhead, that's yet to be added to the Pet Journal). Not much information is provided on the new pets, but here's what's available so far.

Note: Everything is still a WIP and is subject to change.

The Whelplings are listed as "PH", and the model of the Frost and Unholy ones are the same (Unholy Whelpling not pictured). I suspect that their models aren't complete yet, so keep in mind that these images/details may not represent the final product.

Blood Whelpling - unique "PH"

Cavern Moccasin - Drop: Damp Pet Supplies

Crackers - Order Hall: Hall of Shadows (rogue)

Everliving Spore - Drop: Damp Pet Supplies

Frost Whelpling - unique "PH"

Scraps - ???

(NOT PICTURED - currently uses same model as Frost Whelpling)
Unholy Whelpling - unique "PH"

Young Venomfang - Drop: Damp Pet Supplies

From what I can tell, there seems to be 4 new class pets (3 DK and 1 rogue), a new pet reward bag that drops 3 pets, and then Scraps... which doesn't have a tooltip description in the Pet Journal yet. This could mean it's either not yet finished, or it's not actually collectible (I'd REALLY love for it to be though!).

The new pet reward bag, Damp Pet Supplies is from the "challenge mode" version of the new Pet Battle Dungeon. More details in my blog post on this new feature.

Other new pet additions to 7.2:
- Pet Battle Dungeon (see my blog post dedicated to the Pet Battle Dungeon)
- @Mononic1 on Twitter discovered what appears to be a new Trainer on the Broken Isles, Sissix (can't interact with the NPC yet?)

Anyway, more to come, I'm sure. Exciting stuff! :D

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wishes For You In the New Year

2016 was a rough year for many, myself included. Honestly, I don't think 2017 will be much better, but that just means we have to treasure the good times and each other even more.

I don't know if I believe in wishes, still...I wish for a better, brighter New Year for everyone.

Do I entrust this wish to the stars? Or to myself? Can people make wishes come true? Afterall, we're nothing but stardust.

Stay safe, be well, and thank you for being you.

See you in the new year.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mischief, 2016 Charity Pet

I'm sure many have already heard, but Mischief was finally released this past week! You can buy her from the Bnet Store for $10. 100% of December proceeds will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. :D

But we got an EXTRA surprise with this year's charity pet - there's an accompanying plushie (sold separately)! Currently, there's no bundle sale for both.

The plushie is sold in the Blizzard Gear Store for $25, and a portion of every December sale will also be donated to the non-profit charity.

The release of a plushie would explain why Mischief's release was postponed by a day. Probably additional things to double check and finalize. But totally worth it. The plush even glows in the dark! :)

I've already collected my little Mischief. Much like Brightpaw she responds to the sit (pictured above) and dance emote commands. I've yet to see her do anything else though, which is a little disappointing considering her name. I was hoping she would have more mischievous animations/interactions. ;P

Regardless, Mischief is adorable! And she helps support a charitable cause. Can't go wrong adopting this little fel kitty. :)

Wowhead and MMO-Champion both have Mischief giveaways, the former ending on December 9 and the latter ending on December 7.

I can't wait until next BlizzCon to learn how much Mischief raised for charity. My only hope is that Blizzard announces separate totals for the pet and the plushie (something like, pet raised X amount, plush raised Y amount, for grand total of Z amount) since I've been keeping track of how much each pet has earned for charity. If they don't separate the values then the numbers will include the plushie, and I'm mainly focusing on the pet.

Anyway, pick up this kitty if you can! Mischief will still be available after December ends, but proceeds will not be going to charity at that point.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WoW 12th Anniversary Pet: Corgi Pup

Happy 12 years of World of Warcraft!

The in-game anniversary event started this week and there's a new pet to collect -- Corgi Pup. Mine (pictured above) is still trying to figure out his Leather Pet Bed. ;P

How to obtain this pet: Just log into the game, collect your in-game mail, and the gift package will have everything you need to purchase your very own derp puppy. :)

It costs 200 Timewarped Badges, but keep in mind that each character you log into will receive 200 badges. So if you want to purchase multiple items from the anniversary vendors, you can always use an alt that you don't really care about (bank toon, for example) to purchase the pet.

The anniversary vendors (located in Stormwind and Orgrimmar - the quest from the gift package will take you to them) also give a daily quest that rewards 25 badges if you're looking to stock up.

Don't wait too long to collect the Corgi Pup; the in-game event ends November 30th. The pet is not tradeable or cageable.

I can't believe that it's been 12 years of WoW already. Time flies when you're having fun, huh?

Thank you to Blizzard and to the pet community and everyone in general. This game has been a huge part of my life, good and bad, and I wouldn't trade any moment of it.

Here's to many, many more years of WoW (and of course, PETS!) in the future! ❤ ❤ ❤

Monday, November 7, 2016

Pet Battle Dungeon Speculation

Now that we're all winding down from BlizzCon 2016, let's speculate what a "Pet Battle Dungeon" could mean! (If you missed it, this idea was briefly teased during the WoW Q&A panel in response to what the future of Pet Battles holds.)

The one thing that I'm most curious about is whether or not this "dungeon" will be a solo-instance or something you can run with friends and/or random players.

Solo-instance: I could see it being similar to the Celestial Tournament, with mini-bosses (the three rotating trainers) and then the main bosses (the celestial pets) at the end.

If mimicking an actual dungeon though, would there also be trash you need to clear (with your battle pets) before reaching any of the bosses? That could be interesting if done properly!

The downside to this type of scenario is's kind of been done before. Again, we had the Celestial Tournament, so some may not find content like this fresh and new.

Multi-player instance: If the Pet Battle Dungeon allows for multiple battlers to join and work together to defeat...whatever it is inside...that would definitely be something new!

It's hard for me to imagine how this would work though. Would each player bring their team, have their own assigned mobs and bosses to defeat? Pet Battles being largely solo in nature means that grouping people together for a non-solo objective could be quite challenging.

One way that might work draws from my experience with another game. A mobile game called Clicker Heroes. It's completely solo-play, however there are times when you can join a guild/group and work together to defeat a boss. Everyone is in charge of doing as much damage as they can to the big baddie, and rewards are given depending on how much damage is done and in how much time.

So imagine 3 Pet Battlers with 3 of their "best" pets. One (or a few) big bad boss. Each battler needs to inflict as much damage with their battle pets as possible to the boss. The more damage done, in as few rounds as possible, the better the rewards. Everyone goes at the same time and the encounter itself is a solo-like instance, but the battles are occurring simultaneously and affects the boss in a combined effort.

This could, of course, be iterated in differently themed dungeons. Instead of as much damage done, survive with as many pets up at the end as possible. Or heal through as much damage as possible. Lots of possibilities here!

Or it could be a round-robin style of battle. Person A goes first and makes one attack with their first pet, Person B goes next, then Person C, and then back to Person A. This could make for an interesting (if not really long) encounter, and would require a lot of planning beforehand. It could also mean really awesome and satisfying combos as a result of a group effort.

What type of rewards would be appropriate for a Pet Battle Dungeon? More battlestones? Pet Charms? Pet toys? Pet Bandages may be a bit lackluster. New pets could be enticing, but depending on how bad the RNG...could also be frustrating.

I hope they'll provide more information and details on this new feature soon. As excited as I am about it, I'm also somewhat apprehensive. Are Pet Battle Dungeons just another "pet breeding" or "epic battle pets"? We'll have to wait and see. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. :)

Friday, November 4, 2016

BlizzCon 2016 Pet-Related News

BlizzCon 2016 started today!

So far the only pet news comes in the form of a new charity pet, Mischief!

Starting December 1, 100% of the fel kitten proceeds will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.

I'll update this post with any other pet news as I come by it.

Update 1: The Brawler's Guild will be making a return in Patch 7.1.5 (coming Soon™), which means the Clock'em battle pet will be available once again.

Update 2: PET. BATTLE. DUNGEONS. (future patch, no additional details YET) *excited*

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

BlizzCon 2016 Pets Have Arrived

BlizzCon 2016 pets are now in-game! Unlike previous convention pets, players not be mailed these pets and will instead find Knight-Captain Murky and Legionnaire Murky as two new entries in their Pet Journal.

Select each entry and click on the gift icon in the main window. This will "open" your redeemable pets and ta-da! Two new pets! :D

Although we'll receive both pets, each one can only be summoned and used in a Pet Battle by the appropriate faction. Legionnaire for Horde and Knight-Captain for Alliance. Gotta represent your faction, I guess!

Oddly enough, when each pet is summoned they spawn in as level 110. This is likely a bug...or they've somehow hacked the game and boosted beyond level 25. :P

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Pet Leveling Guide For Newbies (And/Or Players That Hate Pet Battles)

So you've decided to jump into the world of Pet Battles - welcome!

I should preface this guide with the following: Pet Battles is not a quick and short activity. It's a long adventure that requires time, knowledge, and effort. However, it gets progressively easier as you collect and level more pets.

It's all about power gain. Your pets and their quality and level are your power in Pet Battles. The more pets you have, at higher quality and level, the easier things will become.

That being said, here are just a few ways you can level your battle pets (relatively) quickly. There are many strategies, ideas, and so on. Pick what feels acceptable for you.

This guide is not a full Pet Battle guide. It requires some basic knowledge of the system/mechanics involved. This guide simply provides suggestions on how to acquire your first level 25 pet, what to do with it, and how to get more max level battle pets.

For a guide to Pet Battles in general, check out WarcraftPets or Wowhead.

I did not come up with these ideas. A big thank you to users on WarcraftPets Forum, Wowhead, Bnet Pet Battle forums, and individual persons for suggesting these.

►►Getting your first level 25 pet (and then some)

Important!: The purpose of your first level 25 battle pet is to help you get more max level pets. Keep this in mind when choosing your first pet to level up.

Strategy 1 - 'Intended progression path'
The original progression path starts in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Speak with the NPC that teaches you the Pet Battle skill and accept the quest. This will start the long quest chain that will take you through each zone to battle trainers, each with increasing level and difficulty. (List of zones by pet level)

To supplement pet levels between trainer battles, you'll want to challenge wild pets. Capture any rare quality (blue) wild pets that you come across to help bolster your collection. As you climb into higher level pet zones, the pets you capture will help add to the overall level of your collection. Remember: More pets, higher quality, higher level = more power = easier to complete content.

Completing the intended progression path (Pet Battle quest chain) will be extremely beneficial in the end. You will unlock trainer dailies of varying level that, at higher levels, can be used to efficiently power level your battle pets.

Strategy 2 - 'Progression path too long; I have a lot of gold and am willing to spend it'
Want to skip the quest chain? Ok. If you have zero level 25 pets, head to Draenor and get yourself a level 3 garrison and unlock the Menagerie. Complete the quest Unearthed Magic for a free Ultimate Battle-Training Stone.

Use this battlestone on which ever pet you feel you use the most that you currently own. Alternatively, you can purchase a level 1 pet from the Auction House and use the stone on that (most people recommend the Anubisath Idol).

IMPORTANT: You can only add purchased pets of the same level as your highest level pet that you currently have in your Pet Journal. So now that you've boosted one pet to 25, you can head to the AH and purchase and add any other level 25 pets that you want.

It may not be cheap, depending on your server, but it's a fast way to get a decent army of pets ready for Pet Battle content.

Note that there are some pets listed in guides that you cannot trade or buy. You will need to use your newly purchased collection of level 25 pets to go out and capture them in the wild.

Strategy 3 - 'I DON'T have a lot of gold and/or am unwilling to spend it'
This method is better paired with Strategy 1; you'll be grinding on wild pets so why not add in some trainer battles too?

If you have zero level 25 pets, head to Draenor and get yourself a level 3 garrison and unlock the Menagerie. Complete the quest Unearthed Magic for a free Ultimate Battle-Training Stone.

Use this battlestone on which ever pet you feel you use the most that you currently own. Because you will be doing a lot of grinding on wild pets, you should pick a pet that can "carry" lower level ones. This means the pet you choose to boost to 25 should be able to finish fights on its own or with very little help.

You can try and obtain an Anubisath Idol and boost it to 25 with the battlestone, but it will be very RNG dependent as this pet is a drop from a legacy raid boss.

►►How to use your first level 25 pet to level other pets

Method 1 - Capture a higher level wild pet
One way to add to your team of one is to take your level 25 pet and go to Deadwind Pass. Battle and capture an Arcane Eye (wild, is a solo pet so you don't have to fight other pets). Because the pet level of the zone is higher, you'll automatically get a higher level pet.

If you go this route, be sure not to use your level 25 battlestone on a pet that's weak against the Arcane Eyes. Weak against Magic attacks: Flying; weak attacks against Magic: Aquatic. Do not boost these two pet families if you plan on using this method.

Level up your Arcane Eye on other Arcane Eyes (with the help of your first 25 pet), and once it reaches roughly level 20+ (higher level the better) go to Dragonblight in Northrend. Large packs of wild Flying pets spawn in Dragonblight (near the exposed bones) and your Arcane Eye is strong against Flying.

You can use your Arcane Eye on any wild Flying pet, not just the ones in Dragonblight. They are simply the most convenient as they spawn in large groups and have a decent respawn time.

Use the Dragonbone Hatchlings to finish leveling up your Arcane Eye. You can use your first level 25 pet to help, and even add in another lower level pet to leech some levels once your Arcane Eye is 25.

Caution: Dragonbone Hatchlings can spawn with the Cyclone attack, which can potentially ruin this method.

Method 2 - Battle Aquatic wild pets
Boost a turkey (any works), level up a second Flying pet (moths are good), and head to Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria. Since your turkey is Flying, it's strong against Aquatics, so you want to find Aqautic pets to battle.

Use the turkey's ability Food Coma to crowd control the first enemy pet, swap in your lower level pet, swap it back out for your turkey, and finish the fight with your two Flying pets.

Flying will work well against most Aquatics found anywhere, but like the Dragonbone Hatchlings in Dragonblight, the wild pets in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms are convenient and relatively plentiful. They also usually spawn with 2 additional Aquatic pets, making it easy to level up Flying pets (like the Falcosaur Hatchlings!).

Method 3 - Battle Beast wild pets
Use your Ultimate Battle-Training Stone on a Mechanical Pet with Decoy (Darkmoon Zeppelin, Alarm-o-Bot, Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar, Race MiniZep). This is essentially the same as Method 2, but instead of fighting Aquatic pets, you want to find wild pets that are from the Beast family.

Frostfire Ridge in Draenor is excellent for grinding pet levels against wild Beast pets.

Set up Decoy, swap in your lower level pet and then out again, and finish the fight with your two other high level pets.

►►Efficient use of multiple level 25 pets to help level other pets

Option 1 - Grind wild battles
Just do wild battles using two level 25 pets and one low level.

Option 2 - Trainer dailies.
This calls back to Strategy 1 for getting your first level 25 pet. Complete the Pet Battle quest chain and unlock the trainer dailies in Pandaria (requires full clear of all trainers of Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Cataclysm zones, Northrend, and Pandaria).

If you've defeated 40 trainers (which is likely if you've completed all of the achievements above), you will receive a Safari Hat. Using it will increase the amount of pet experience your battle pets receive by a bit.

Using the trainer dailies to help power level pets is extremely efficient, as the battles give amazing amounts of pet experience. (Read more about different amounts of pet experience gained from different encounters of varying difficulty.)

On top of granting large chunks of pet experience, the Pandaria dailies also reward pet bags which have a chance to drop battlestones. You can use these to upgrade your pets!

There are many guides on how to use the Pandaria Pet Battle dailies to power level pets. Here is one from WarcraftPets that details which two level 25 pets you need for each battle. Here is one for Draenor trainer dailies (unlike Pandaria dailies, these don't have any prerequisites). They're outdated, but most of the information is still great advice.

I recommend using the Ashlei battle in Draenor first to carry a level 1 pet, and then heading to Pandaria to complete the trainer dailies.

►►Things to note
■ To "carry" a lower level, you want to make sure it doesn't take any damage. It only needs to be your active pet for one round, so swap it in when you feel the enemy team will use a move that does little to no damage, and then swap it out for one of your higher level pets to finish the fight.

You don't want to battle wild pets that have a team-wide AOE. Pet families that can spawn with AOE attacks or persisting damage (but not always): Flying, Magic, Elemental and certain Critters. Be wary of using these for leveling sub-level 5 pets.

■ Be sure to capture any rare quality (blue) wild pets that you don't already have.

■ Once you have a handful of pets at max level, you can head to any zone and battle the wild pets there. The higher the level of the zone, the higher the level of the wild pets.

►►Stand out "carry pets" for grinding pet levels

This list is subjective, however there are some pets that are often recommended due to their power and survivability.

I've ranked these pets based on my own preference (1 being top tier). Other pet battlers may rate them differently.
1 Anubisath Idol
1 Feline Familiar
1 Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
1 Emerald Proto-Whelp (obtainable only from the wild, prefer Power stat)
2 Darkmoon Zeppelin
2 Any cat (must have the Devour ability, prefer Power stat)
3 Any moth (the more Power stat it has the better, usually)
3 Any snail (the more Health and Power stat it has the better, usually)

Have any additional tips and tricks for leveling pets? See any errors or incorrect information? Leave a comment below!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Shiny Mountain Cottontail Is Back In 7.1

Yesterday while doing a Pet Battle World Quest on the 7.1 PTR, I noticed that one of the adds in the fight looked a little odd. At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but upon closer inspection I discovered the Mountain Cottontail in all its glossy glory!

After the battle I promptly sought out a wild Mountain Cottontail on the PTR and found one as a secondary pet. It took a few restarts, but I managed to get it spawn in with its new shiny appearance.

It seems the special version of the cottontail will be back in 7.1! (see above screenshot for glossy skin on the left and normal white on the right)

Unfortunately the updated look doesn't seem to be retroactive. The existing Mountain Cottontail in my Pet Journal on the PTR (was originally shiny) did not have the new skin. Instead, it remained a color-changer so it had the chance to be spawn in with the glossy appearance, but it wasn't guaranteed. Capturing a new cottontail that started out with the shiny skin guaranteed that it retained the look.

It's a little inconvenient that we'll have to capture new Mountain Cottontails in 7.1, but on the bright side we won't have to travel to Redridge to find these wild bunnies. They also appear in Highmountan in Legion, hooray!

I'm ecstatic that this special wild pet will be making a come back. Big THANK YOU to Blizzard for maintaining these small details that mean so much to some collectors. It's the little things that make the game that much more fun and amazing. ❤
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