Thursday, December 2, 2021

9.2 PTR - Battle Pets With Multiple Colors/Skins

I haven't been able to confirm all of the following battle pets for alternate colors/skins, but here are the datamined results so far. All 9.2 pets listed are wild.



Bloodsucker Vespoid - 3 colors



Metallic Scarabid - 3 colors



Tarachnid Stalker - 2 colors



Proto Avian Fledgling - 2 colors



Timid Leporid - 2 colors



Vicious Leporid - 2 colors (Christmas/holiday themed? lol)



Bufonid Croaker - 2 colors

There are also 2 other wild pets that might come in 2 variants - Green Viperid and Red Viperid. Unfortunately, I can't tell what the difference is between the their alternate appearances, as they both use the same base color. I'm guessing it has something to do with the pets' model. Perhaps this snake pet comes hooded and un-hooded, but only in the one color available for the pet. It's something to keep an eye out for when capturing these two wild pets.

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