Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Pre-Expansion 8.0 Pet Charm Changes

The pre-expansion 8.0 patch is on the PTR, another reminder that BFA is fast approaching!

Normally, nothing would be that notable for pet collectors and battlers, but this time around there is a significant change that's happening that we'll want to keep in mind.

In 8.0 the Pet Battle currency, Pet Charms, will be receiving an update. They will be renamed to Shiny Pet Charms.

On top of that most of the Pet Battle vendors will NO LONGER ACCEPT this existing currency in exchange for their wares in the pre-expansion patch. Instead, items from these vendors will require the upcoming, new currency, Polished Pet Charms. However, these can only be earned in BFA from a couple of quests but mainly from Pet Battle World Quests in the new zones.

What does this mean for us? Spend your existing Pet Charms *BEFORE* Patch 8.0. According to Wowhead, the earliest we might see the pre-expansion patch is July 3, but in general, the pre-patch is speculated to come early July. If you want to make the most of your existing Pet Charms or need battlestones to upgrade quality or pet levels, spend those charms before next month!

It should be noted, though, that we will not be losing any of our Charms at any point. The Pet Battle vendors are simply switching over to use new currency. We will still be able to use existing Pet Charms at vendors that sell existing pets and toys. Any new pets/toys from BFA vendors will require the new currency, Polished Pet Charms.

To summarize the important changes:
- Spend Pet Charms before July 3rd! *update* July 17 is the newest estimated date for 8.0
- Pet Charms renamed to Shiny Pet Charms in 8.0
- No Charms lost during pre-expansion patch or in expansion
- New currency coming in BFA, Polished Pet Charms
- Vendors selling battlestones, pet bandages, pet consumables, etc. will require new currency in 8.0
- Ultimate Battle-Training Stone increased in price as well as requiring new currency
- Existing Charms can still be used to purchase existing vendor pets and toys
- Polished Pet Charms earned from BFA quests and Pet Battle WQs
- Polished Pet Charms required to buy pet consumables as well as BFA vendor pets
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