Monday, July 25, 2016

Profession Pets In Legion

There are a total of 9 pets from professions in Legion.

Some of them are BoP, some of them are BoU. Thankfully, ALL of them can be caged. So it's not absolutely necessary that we'll need to have each profession to collect these pets (time to make friends with your local crafter! ;P)

Alchemy (all BoP but cageable - 700 skill, requires player level 106)

Enchanting (all BoU and cageable - any skill level, requires player level 106)

Engineering (BoU and cageable - 700 skill, requires player level 108)

Fishing (BoU and cageable, requires reputation to purchase - any skill level)

Archaeology (BoP but cageable - requires player level 110)

It should be noted that crafting in Legion is not quite the same as in previous expansions. Many recipes are not simply learned from a trainer or from a dropped plan.

Instead, there are quite a few recipes that can only be obtained by completing profession quests. All of the alchemy pets, one of the enchanting pets, the engineering pet, and archaeology pet all require the completion of a quest or a series of quests.

Here's a summary for the profession pets that will require questing (please correct me if I get any of this information wrong!)
Alchemy - Alchemists will need to complete a quest chain to unlock the purchasable recipe for Wild Transmutation. Creating this has a chance to teach a number of other transmutations. The one pet collectors are aiming for is Transmute: Meat to Pet. This creates an item that, after 7 days, has a chance to drop one of the 3 new alchemy pets. It should be noted that Legion transmutation recipes have a one day cooldown.

Enchanting - Excluding the Enchanted Cauldron and Enchanted Torch, both of which are learned from purchased recipes, the Enchanted Pen recipe requires completing a quest chain, starting with the quest An Enchanting Home (requires player level 106).

Engineering - I haven't been able to find much information on how to learn the recipe to craft this pet, except that it may come from a quest or event called Trigger Happy.

Archaeology - The archaeology trainer will have quests for level 110 players every 2 weeks. Completing these quests will teach the player 'rare solves', one of which is the new pet.

Legion Class-Exclusive Pets

In WoD there were certain garrison buildings pet collectors needed/wanted to build in order to collect specific pets. Legion is similar in that you'll need/want to meet specific criteria, but instead of garrison buildings, collectors will need to level characters of specific classes.

There will be 4 pets that are exclusive to 3 classes. These pets are BoP and cannot be caged. The only way to obtain these pets is to level certain classes to at least level 105. Thankfully we won't have to level all of these characters to max just for the pets ;P

Here are the classes collectors will need (and the pets associated with them).

  • Druid - need to be level 105
    1. Reach level 105.

    2. Learn the Tier 2 Order Hall Advancement talent, Evergreen (costs 100 resources, according to Wowhead)

    3. Plant and harvest two plots of crops every 3 days.
    (Broot and Nightmare Lasher - drops from Grove Vine crop)

  • Demon Hunter - need to be level 105
    1. Reach level 105.

    2. Learn the Tier 2 Order Hall Advancement talent, Twisting Nether (costs 100 resources, according to Wowhead)

    3. Click the floating stone next to the Order Hall talent NPC (Loramus Thalipedes) to enter a special area. Click the book to summon your daily demon. If you die, you can try again.
    (Hateful Eye - drops from the summoned demon, not 100% droprate)

  • Shaman - need to be level 100
    1. Reach level 100.

    2. Complete the introductory quest chain to unlock the Order Hall up until the quest where you choose the zone to begin leveling in on Broken Isles.

    3. Defeat Snowfang in a Pet Battle. Snowfang will appear with his mother, Snowsong, next to Aggra on Storm's Eye Overlook (this area is still considered "inside" the Shaman Order Hall).
    (Snowfang - battle NPC of same name to earn the pet)

  • Warlock - need to be level 105
    1. Reach level 105.

    2. Learn the Tier 2 Order Hall Advancement talent, Demonic Offering (costs 100 resources, according to Wowhead)

    3. Requires 4 other warlocks that have the Order Hall talent to help summon the demon.
    (Hateful Eye - drops from the summoned demon, not 100% droprate)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Patch 7.0.3 Pet Battle Bugs

Update: Enchanted Broom issues have been fixed.

Update #2: Thanks to ‏@Aurinya on Twitter for pointing this out to me -- blue post on the German Bnet forums confirming that the Menagerie daily is intended to be account-wide as of 7.0.3.

Google Translate:
"That seems to be currently on the state of affairs . This daily quest is now far account and can be done only on a character , therefore : Unfortunately Absammeln no pet brands .

I can certainly understand that this response is not necessarily desired . Should there be need for discussion on this change , this carries me in the General Forum as a potential discussion there learns a little more attention and is seen by more players."


Patch 7.0.3 has been out for about half a week now and while there are perks, there are definitely some pet peeves.

But let's talk bugs. Or possible bugs.

So far I've heard of 2 issues that Pet Battlers have been experiencing.

1.) Enchanted Broom has decided to go on strike?
No, but some players are finding that they cannot use battlestones on it, and the broom's level appears as zero when summoned. It can still earn experience and battle just fine though.

2.) Menagerie daily...or is it?
There's mounting evidence that Battle Pet Roundup/Scrappin' and Mastering the Menagerie were intended to be changed to account-wide in this patch, however something went wrong, terribly wrong. This has left many players wondering what's bugged and what's intended. Some toons can pick up the daily, some alts can't, some can on some days, other days they can't, etc.

It doesn't help that Blizzard recently changed the daily reset time, 07:00:00 UTC (EU), 15:00:00 UTC (NA, LA, Oceanic).
There hasn't been any official comment from Blizzard on either of these topics. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Make the Mountain Cottontail Great Again

Now that the Patch 7.0.3 dust has settled a little (so many changes - love the Wardrobe system, can't praise it enough), I'd like to take a moment and mourn the loss of the beloved 'glossy-skin' Mountain Cottontail (pre-7.0.3 version pictured above).

In this pre-expansion patch a few pet models received updates to make them look fluffier and less jagged.

The bunny/rabbit model was included in the model updates, but an unfortunate side-effect is that although the Mountain Cottontail appears with a BRAND NEW SHINY-GOLD SKIN (omg!) in the Pet Journal (see image below), it does not retain that appearance when summoned out or in a battle.

If you collected a 'shiny' Mountain Cottontail before 7.0.3, you'll find that your bunny friend has turned into a color-changer. When summoned it will take on the appearance of any of its possible skins...EXCEPT the shiny-gold (glossy) skin.

This is disheartening and very disappointing but it's something that I knew was coming since it was a bug (or intended?) on the PTR prior to 7.0.3's release. I was hoping that this error would get fixed by the time the patch dropped, but there were probably more pressing issues for developers to address.

Many, myself included, went out of their way to collect a glossy Mountain Cottontail. It took time and effort, but felt highly rewarding upon capturing your own special bunny. It was unique but not out of reach like promotional pets or limited time companions. It was proof of dedication as a collector.

As it is right now, this rabbit looks like any other...but if you own a shiny version, you know the truth! Dare I say that owners of a glossy cottontail are lucky?

This is because, unfortunately, it will be impossible for those who have yet to capture their own glossy Mountain Cottontail to find and capture one post-7.0.3.

Since this particular pet is now a color-changer that does NOT use the shiny-gold skin when summoned or in battle, it will not appear as such in the wild. This makes it completely indistinguishable from other generic-colored Mountain Cottontails. Collectors have no way of determining whether or not the wild cottontail they're facing is actually the shiny version (without capturing every single one they come across and checking their Pet Journal, that is).

I really do hope that developers find some spare time to fix the Mountain Cottontail and return it to its previous glossy-glory. While I enjoy color-changers and find them charming, I also adored my shiny Mountain Cottontail in its own uniqueness. It's just not the same now.

If they can somehow use the new bunny model but preserve the unique, shiny skin, that would be ideal. I don't think many collectors would object to having an ACTUAL shiny-gold rabbit following them around!

Please, please fix the glossy Mountain Cottontail!. :(

Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Rarer" Legion Wild Pets

List of wild pets that might be harder to find/acquire in Legion. This is mainly to remind myself, but if others also find this list useful, then awesome :)

  • Fledgling Kingfeather (Azsuna) - Shares spawn points with Fledgling Oliveback and has lower spawn chance.
  • Stormstruck Beaver (Stormheim) - Shares spawn points with Bucktooth Flappers and has lower spawn chance.
  • Dust Bunny (Dalaran) - Requires Spring Cleaning buff from interactable rug. Unknown respawn time on rug, and rug has multiple spawn locations.
  • Vicious Broodling (Suramar) - Shares spawn points with Thornclaw Broodling and has lower spawn chance.
If there are other new Legion wild pets that may require additional effort, please let me know!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Updated Pet Models Coming In Pre-Expac Patch!

Update: After more testing on the PTR, it looks like the Mountain Cottontail has turned into a color-changer when summoned out. In the Pet Journal it keeps the shiny gold skin. Entering a battle will randomly generate one of its skins too, but I've yet to see it pick the shiny gold version.

I'm not sure if this color-changing mechanic is intended or not. Or if it's a side-effect of the transition from the glossy skin to this upgraded model/gold skin.

One thing that has me concerned is that if it stays a color-changer (both as a summoned battle pet and during an encounter), how will collectors know if the wild Mountain Cottontail they're facing is the shiny version? They simply can't tell until they've captured it and checked the Pet Journal for the gold skin.

Hopefully this will get fixed prior to the pre-expansion patch, and the shiny gold skin will stick to the cottontail both in battles and outside of them.


I don't know why I didn't think to check on the updated pet models when the pre-expansion patch launched on the PTR. But they're in!

New models for quite a few battle pets; sorry if I miss any:
  • rabbits
  • rats/mice
  • squirrels
  • sheep
  • raven/crow

Keep in mind that these are simply updated models for already existing pets. Most of the Legion pets have their own new looks.

With these model updates, there was one pet in particular I was concerned about. When the new rabbit model was first discovered we all knew that it could greatly impact the infamous "shiny" Mountain Cottontail. I was anxiously waiting for the character/data copy function to become available so that I could import and check my own cottontail (I have the glossy-skin version on live).

Well I'm happy to report that after importing my collection and checking the PTR tonight, the Pet Journal has been updated with an actual SHINY Mountain Cottontail! (pictured above)

LOOK AT HOW GOLD AND SHINY IT IS OMG. (Anyone else feel like it's about to eat their soul.... *stares very intently at its red eyes*)

However, not all is well and good with this pet. Unfortunately when you summon it out, it doesn't retain its new skin. Instead it uses a generic white bunny look. Needless to say, I was so disappointed and heartbroken.

I'm hoping extra hard that the developers have a bit of time to grant this one-of-a-kind bunny its special skin before the pre-expansion patch is released. It's a pet that holds a unique spot in my collection (and I'm sure many other collectors' collections), and it took time and dedication to acquire it (I spent hours searching for it). It would be devastating to see it fall to the level of every other rabbit/bunny critter.

Other than this one hiccup though, I'm really looking forward to seeing the new and improved (and FLUFFIER) pets coming prior to Legion's release! :D
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