Thursday, June 10, 2021

Kyrian's Path of Ascension - How to Collect Steward Featherling & Indigo

After finally diving into the Kyrian's Path of Ascension, I think I've figured out how this Sanctum Feature works and how to collect the 2 exclusive pets from it.

Here's a (hopefully quick) explanation of what you'll need to do to collect these battle pets.

Some things to note:

  • Path of Ascension is a Brawler's Guild-esque scenario. You need to unlock bosses that can be fought at different difficulties.
  • There are 4 difficulties. From easiest to hardest: Courage(1), Loyalty(2), Wisdom(3), and Humility(4).
  • You cannot fight a higher difficulty without first defeating the previous difficulty for that boss.
  • Sometimes you'll need to defeat ALL previously unlocked bosses at the previous difficulty to unlock the next boss or difficulty.
  • Equipment and charms (items that buff you during the scenario) come from blueprints that are earned after defeating bosses for the first time.
  • You can challenge a boss or redo an encounter as many times as you want, so long as you have Medallion of Service. These are looted from treasures, rares, Callings, etc.
  • I used Wowhead Path of Ascension strategies to defeat each encounter. Choose bosses and difficulty on the left navigation bar on the page.


Feel free to correct me if any of the following is incorrect. I took a long break between upgrading T1 and T2 (to save up AP for additional upgrades), so it wouldn't surprise me if I got some steps wrong.

Steward Featherling -

1. Build T1 Path of Ascension.

2. Do the quest chain that follows, which will unlock 3(I think?) bosses: Kalisthene, Echthra, and Alderyn & Myn'r. (If only the first 2 unlock, defeat them on Courage difficulty first, and then unlock the third.)

3. Defeat these 3 bosses on Courage difficulty.

4. Craft any equipment blueprints that you can.

5. Build T2 Path of Ascension.

6. New quests will unlock 3 more bosses: Nuuminuuru, Craven Corinth, Spliterbark Nightmare.

7. Defeat these 3 bosses on Courage difficulty.

8. After you've defeated all 6 on Courage difficulty, defeat Kalisthene on Loyalty difficulty.

9. New quests to unlock 3 more bosses, but you're only interested in one: Athanos.

10. Challenge Athanos (Courage difficulty) after unlocking him. I went with this strategy.

11. Complete the achievement, Inside the Park Home Run, and you'll be able to purchase the Steward Featherling from the Path of Ascension pet vendor for 250 charms.

Achievement tips: Use the strategy linked above, but instead of avoiding Athanos' Power Swing ability, stand just almost out of range of it at least 5 times. The closer you are to Athanos when Power Swing goes off, the further you'll get knocked back. If Power Swing just barely touches you, it won't knock you as far and you won't need to worry about getting flung off the platform. Kite and kill once you've been hit by Power Swing 5 times, while avoiding the charge and additional Power Swings.

(It's unknown if this achievement is bugged since it can be completed on Courage difficulty even though it states Wisdom.)


Indigo -

1. Build T1 and T2 Path of Ascension.

2. Defeat all unlocked bosses (should be 9 of them, doesn't include Azaruux) on Courage difficulty.

3. Built T3 Path of Ascension.

4. Defeat Kalisthene, Echthra, Alderyn & Myn'ir, Nuuminuuru, Craven Corinth, Splinterbark, and Thran'tiok on Loyalty difficulty. Wisdom difficulty should be unlocked.

5. Defeat Alderyn and Myn'ir on Wisdom difficulty and Indigo is the reward. I used the Courage strategy for the Wisdom encounter.

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