Here are some "guides" I've written on specific pets and how to obtain them as well as some tips/tricks and extra information.

Please keep in mind that they are to be taken "as is", and it's unlikely that I will update them unless there are significant changes to how the vanity pet is obtained. In some instances, the guides may seem out of date since I normally write each one up while testing in Beta or on the PTR. Rest assured that despite the somewhat dated write up, the information itself is still sound (unless noted otherwise).
- Recruit-a-Friend pets
- Lashtail Hatchling
- Mr. Grubbs
- Tiny Flame Fly
- Tiny Shale Spider
- Hyjal Bear Cub + Crimson Lasher
- Darkmoon Faire Pets
- Tiny Goldfish

WoD Specific Guides:
- WoD Faction Pets: Earning Revered
- Crafting the Profession Pets In WoD
- Garrison Buildings Collectors Will Need/Want to Build in WoD
- My Teams for Tanaan Boss Battles

Legion Specific Guides:
- Hidden Pet Battle weekly quest in Legion
- "Rarer" Legion wild pets
- Legion Class-Exclusive (Order Hall) pets
- Profession pets in Legion

BFA Specific Guides:
- BFA Wild Battle Pet Colors
- BFA Reputation Battle Pets
- BFA Unlocking Vendors and Vendor Pets
- Battle Pet Content in Mechagon and Nazjatar
- Wild Pet Colors of Mechagon & Nazjatar
- Nazjatar Slimy Pets Process
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