Friday, July 27, 2018

Battle For Azeroth: Wild Battle Pet Colors

BFA adds 27 new wild pets to 6 new Horde and Alliance zones. Many of these pets come in more than one color, so if you're a color-collector (like myself) get ready for some hunting!

Here are examples of the different skins (previews from BFA Beta - things could change prior to release). Warning, image heavy!

Wild pets found in Alliance BFA zones: 8 pets with more than one color

Freshwater Crawler - 2 colors (orange, yellow/teal)

Giant Woodworm - 2 colors (brown/beige, gold/dark brown)

River Frog - 2 colors (dark green w/spots, light green)

River Otter - 2 colors (dark brown, light brown)
note: dark brown not to be confused with existing red-brown of Sifang Otter

Sandyback Crawler - 3 colors (beige/light green, yellow/teal, white/blue)

Shack Crab - 2 colors (orange, white/blue)

Vale Marmot - 2 colors (beige, brown)
note: brown is ALL brown, not to be confused with Brown Marmot

Valley Chicken - 5 colors (red-brown, white w/spots, "dirty" white, grey, brown w/grey tail)
note: white has light brown on it, making it a little "dirty", not to be confused with Westfall Chicken


Wild pets found in Horde BFA zones: 6 pets with more than one color

Barrier Hermit - 3 colors (dark blue, yellow/teal, light blue)

Bloodfever Tarantula - 2 colors (green, red-brown)

Bog Hopper - 3 colors (orange/blue, red/white, purple)

Coastal Bounder - 3 colors (blue w/spots, pink/purple, orange/blue)
note: pink/purple seems to be much large in size compared to other colors

Hermit Crab - 2 colors (white/red, orange)

Leafy Flutterwing - 2 colors (white, green)


  1. Thanks for this. Different pet skins good really make me happy. I love that purple frog.

    1. @Nicky M.: My pleasure! Having multiple colors to collect also makes me pretty excited, so thank you Blizzard Developer team for giving collectors some love.

  2. With five colors of chicken, how is one collector supposed to obtain all five? If there's a limit of 3 per wild pet, then you have to choose which three and leave two. :(

    Unless I'm missing something?

    1. @Miranda DeZeeuw: My workaround for pets that come in more than 3 colors is to determine if any colors can be collected through a similar pet.

      For example, the white Valley Chicken is the same as the Westfall Chicken. I can collect the latter without missing out on that appearance.

      The grey Valley Chicken is the same as the Ancona Chicken, so I'll just collect that one instead.

      The red-brown Valley Chicken = alternate skin of the Szechuan Chicken.

      That leaves just the brown w/grey tail and spotted white Valley Chickens that I need to add to my collection.

    2. My mistake, the "white" of the Valley Chicken isn't the same as the Westfall Chicken. Still, that leaves 3 chickens colors to collect, perfect fit for the Pet Journal.


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