Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Patch 8.0 - Miscellaneous Notes & Known Issues

Patch 8.0 this week! Pet Battle patch notes can be found here.

Miscellaneous changes/updates and known issues:

- Recruit-A-Friend system was updated. Adjusted requirements and a more streamlined process. Updated guide on RAF'ing yourself for the pets.

- Vendor that sells the PVP pet rewards was not updated for Patch 8.0. After earning the Dutiful and Wyrmtongue companions on one faction, you should be able to purchase the other faction's pet. However, the vendor still lists previous-patch Prestige requirements instead of the new Honor Level achievements. Hopefully Blizzard sorts that out soon.
Update: Appears to be fixed. Eligible players should be able to purchase the pets from Captain Roberts (A) and Sarah the Savage (H).

- 'Polymorphed wild pets' trick possibly nerfed in 8.0. These wild pets show up as the polymorphed version in the Pet Journal, but appear as the normal (actual) pet when summoned.
Update: Does not seem to work anymore, even on freshly polymorphed wild pets post-patch.

- Brutus, Rooter, and Thundering Serpent Hatchling not showing up properly even if collected when re-importing collection to WarcraftPets (resulting in an incorrect total number of unique pets collected).
Update: It looks like this issue is being resolved for a few. Some may still see an incorrect total pets collected. Hopefully a full fix will come in a day or two.

- Those that completed the Uuna storyline will notice that she's missing her flower crown, wand, and teddy bear when summoned. She still has her flower crown when viewed in the Pet Journal, but that's it.
Update: Known issue, developers are investigating.

- The original "shiny" Mountain Cottontail turned into a color-changer in 8.0 instead of using the golden bunny skin. It doesn't seem to use the gold skin in its rotation, despite it appearing with it in the Pet Journal. The new silver-shiny Mountain Cottontail remains unchanged.

- Some players are experiencing bugs while in-game and attempting to Pet Battle. Issues range from, but are not limited to, not being able to swap pets in and out of the active team, "locked" Pet Battles despite only one WoW account on the Bnet account, to unable to initiate a pet encounter.
Update: Outdated Pet Battle addons are likely the cause. Either disable or update your addons and try to Pet Battle again.

That's it for now. Will add to this list if anything else pops up.

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