Sunday, November 24, 2013

Recruit-A-Friend Process to Collect the Pets

TLDR: Step-by-step directions on how to RAF yourself. Additional details/info can be found further down the post.

1. Log into your main character and open your friends window.

2. Find the "hand" icon in that window (upper right) and click that button.

3. Type in your current email address that you use for your Bnet account.

4. Check that email address for an email from and click the link provided.

5. Follow the RAF steps (choose the option that says "I already have a Bnet account" if you want to keep your RAF account on the same one as your main account).

6. Add a "starter edition" license to your existing Bnet account (you can view it in your WoW licenses list when you check your account management page on; WoW1, WoW2, etc.).

7. Need to upgrade from "starter" to "standard edition", so purchase a WoW Battlechest from the store and gift it to the "starter" account.

8. Add 2 month's worth of game time to the new "standard" account by either heading over to the store and buying game time OR trading gold from your main account to a toon on your RAF account.

9. Done! Main account needs to wait 7 days from the time the 2 months game time was applied to receive the RAF rewards.


This past Friday I was finally eligible to redeem 3 RAF pets. I had recruited myself 3 times 7 days prior, and being a total noobie when it comes to doing this RAF thing, I was anxious that I may not have done it properly. Thankfully it all worked out! An old guildmate is my fourth RAF, but I'm still waiting for that transaction to complete. I'll explain further down in the post.

My total for the entire thing came out to be $105, not taking into account the 3 free months of game time that my main account will receive. Thinking about it now, though, it's a pretty steep amount to pay for 3 pets. Guess I'm glad that I didn't attend Blizzcon; I had extra savings to help cover the cost of these pets. Having a birthday that just recently passed also helped, heh.

RAF'ing is quite the process and I was really worried that I somehow botched it up. I wasn't able to find many detailed FAQ's or guides on how to do it, but thanks to the folks at WarcraftPets and on Twitter, it gave me some much needed hope/confidence. Still, I wasn't 100% sure that everything would work out until I was able to redeem the pets.

For anyone that's confused or hesitant to RAF themselves, here are the steps that I took. For general information on the RAF system, Blizzard has official articles here and information on rewards here.
1. Sent my current email a RAF invite while I was on my main character.

2. Went to my email inbox and opened the RAF invite. Clicked on the link provided inside (takes you to a URL).

3. I chose the option that said something like "I already have a account".

4. Added the "starter edition" account to my existing

5. Next I needed to upgrade from a "starter edition" account to a "standard edition" account. I used this link, and chose to apply it to the appropriate WoW account. This allowed me to upgrade the RAF account for only $5 (all expansions up to and including Catalcysm). (UPDATE: This last portion no longer applies, as the link does not work. Instead, upgrade your "starter edition" to a "standard edition" via the shop. Upgrading using the WoW Battlechest should include all expansions up to MoP. I'm unsure if you'll need Warlords of Draenor as well, but I don't think so.)

6. Once it was upgraded to "standard edition", I headed over to the Blizzard Store and purchased game time. I'll explain below why I didn't just add a normal credit card subscription.

7. I repeated these steps 2 more times to get 3 "standard edition" Cataclysm MoP accounts (labeled WoW1, WoW2, WoW3).

Here are some notable things to keep in mind when RAF'ing yourself (or someone else).
- Total amount for one RAF pet should be: cost of Battlechest or WoW upgrade to "standard edition" + 2 month's worth of game time (for me: $5 + $30 = $35 for one RAF pet).

- If the RAF email does not go through and you don't see it in your inbox, wait a few moments and then try sending it again. Make sure to check your spam/junk mail folder, just in case it was sent there.

- The link for the $5 upgrade may only be temporary. If it doesn't work for you, don't worry. Simply wait for a sale on WoW Battlechests where they sell them for $5. To apply the upgrade, go into your Summary tab on and click on the RAF account (should be labeled "starter edition"). There should be an option to upgrade on that account's page.

- You can only have a total of 9 WoW accounts on one

- You do not need to log into the game on the RAF account to complete the process.

- The RAF account(s) must have 2 months purchased game time applied to it for the main account to be eligible for rewards.

- Applying WoW Tokens to a RAF account does count towards receiving the rewards.

- It takes a total of 7 full days after game time is applied (and registered) before your main account is eligible for the pets.

- Once the 7 days is up, log onto your main account (the one that RAF'ed all the others), and there should be a notification over your social button that you're eligible to claim RAF rewards.

Following the indicators will bring you to a redeem page in-game where you can choose one mount or one pet.

- Important! Adding a credit card subscription will mean you have to wait longer for the pets. The 2 months game time (necessary for reward eligibility) will not be registered until your credit card is charged. RAF accounts come with one month free game time, so until that time is up, your credit card will not be charged. Adding pre-purchased game time or game cards is a much faster process since it's applied and registered immediately.

On a similar note, be careful of what edition you use to upgrade your RAF account to a "standard edition". My guildmate chose to use a WoW license that included one free month of the game, so he not only had one free RAF month to go through, but another free month from the game licence. This meant that his credit card subscription won't be registered until after a full 2 months pass. In the end he chose to apply game time from the Blizzard Store instead, so 7 days from the time he applied it is when I should be able to redeem the last RAF pet.

So now I'm just waiting for the 7 days to complete on my guildmate's RAF account, and then I'll be able to collect the last pet I need.

I'm pretty relieved that it went smoothly, but the wait really had me on edge. I wish there was some sort of indicator or message in-game to alert me that my recruit applied game time, and provided a countdown estimate of when I would be eligible for the rewards.

In the end, the revamped system might have made it easier to invite friends, but it's (still?) not that user-friendly or convenient for the person that was recruited. It kind of makes me hope that they don't add more RAF pets in the future.


  1. I appreciate the $5 game....but I'm one of those that had to get the mount too....already had the previous ones....Ended up with a total of $175....Sigh. Congratz though, on the three. Wish there was a tag on the accounts/requests too. Possibly a drop down menu with requests sent or at least requests accepted and game bought. I have no indication at the moment besides logging in to other account while in game with main, and inviting the newly created friend. Summon available while in party? Yay...

  2. I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say thank you for giving us somewhere where all of the information is gathered together in one easy to see place *hugs*


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