Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day Two of Blizzcon 2013 & Closing Thoughts

Blizzcon 2013 has come to an end, and WOW! What an end it was! That was the BEST Closing Ceremony I've seen to date, and it made me wish so badly that I was there in person lol.

On the pet front, day two of Blizzcon didn't reveal too much more on the future of pet battles or pet collecting. However, Mumper did hint at a unique trainer NPC being available to battle at the Pet Stables in a player's garrison, and there was unofficial talk on pet breeding. We can probably expect more information on these topics and more as the weeks/months come. The gears are in motion so hopefully we won't have to wait too long for details!

It's a little disappointing that the issue of players out-leveling LFR and losing access to the items/pets that can only be obtained in LFR wasn't touched on/asked during the Q&A. But hopefully we'll get some sort of definite answer prior to the expansion releasing.

I'm especially interested in the idea of epic pets becoming a reality. Will their stats change by a significant amount, if at all? Will ALL pets be available as epic quality? How will increasing the quality cap impact collectors and completionists? What will the effects be on the battling (PVP and PVE) side of things? All these questions and more float through my head whenever I think about the possibility of epic pets.

Overall Blizzcon Impressions
Even though there wasn't a lot of pet-related stuff to gush about this year (what little there was, was quite interesting though; Doobjanka saw some cool stuff, TBA!), Blizzcon was amazing this year. So many new games and announcements - the excitement and enthusiasm could be felt through the livestream.

I'm excited about many of the games: Hearthstone looks like fun, the Reaper of Souls storyline has me intrigued and eager to play, and although I'm not a MOBA fan, the Heroes of the Storm announcement trailer was really cool and well done.

Everything was so lively this year. From the panels to the live raid, I was into it all. Heck, I was even on the edge of my seat watching the SC2 finals (and I don't normally watch ESports)!

And the closing ceremony? I know Blink 182 probably isn't everyone's cup of tea, but man oh man, it was KICK ASS for me. The ending concert really made me nostalgic, hearing so many old favorites. It was awesome to see the crowd getting into it too. Crowd surfing and mini-mosh pits lol. The end of Blizzcon really closed with a bang. Perfect ending.

Many thanks to everyone working at Blizzcon and Blizzard for bringing us such awesomeness. Even though I wasn't at the convention in person, I enjoyed every moment of it while watching the livestream. Also many thanks to Blizzard for listening to the community and actually acting on some of the suggestions made. You rock and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.



  1. What are the pets you can get from LFR - other than Living Fluid .

    1. @Sarahlouise1986: The Living Fluid is the only LFR-exclusive pet, and the Gooey Sha-ling only comes from LFR or Flex. Even if it can come from either raid mode, it's still not ideal since LFR can be out-leveled and Flex requires a group to queue into. I'm not even sure if we'll still be able to queue into Flex once we pass the current level cap.


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