Wednesday, November 13, 2013

D3: Reaper of Souls CE Pet - Treasure Goblin!

Well, since MMO-Champion released the information on the next D3, Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition pet, I might as well share the information I have too. Now that it's on MMO-Champion and the PTR, it's pretty much public knowledge. :P

Doobjanka got a preview while at Blizzcon, and found the Treasure Goblin hiding in the WoD demo. One of the CMs working the floor requested that we not share the information yet, as it really wasn't meant to be displayed at the time. It was really exciting seeing the pictures and having an extra early preview, though! I squeed the moment I saw it lol.

Treasure Goblin's tooltip (since we all know what it looks like now).

I'm pretty excited for Reaper of Souls, not just for the pet, but I want to know what happens in the story. The first D3 was a bit unsatisfying for me, so I hope this next one is darker and more fulfilling lore-wise.

I don't believe there's an official release date yet for Reaper of Souls (is there?), so waiting, waiting for my very own Treasure Goblin. I hope his animations are neat. He's got such a large sack of gold on his back... anything could happen to it (like he could give it to me!). :P


  1. This is a great idea for a pet! Loving it, definately getting my hands on a CE!


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