Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tiny Goldfish

Now that I'm 90 on the beta, I've been working on gaining reputation with The Anglers so I can purchase a Tiny Goldfish pet!

This BoU companion is sold by Nat Pagle at the Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds (level 86-88 zone). It requires a reputation of at least honored with The Anglers and costs 250 gold.

Even though The Anglers main hub is located in the Krasarang Wilds, this is not where your reputation grind starts. Instead, your journey will start in the Dread Wastes (level 89-90 zone).

As noted on El's Extreme Anglin', you can start earning The Anglers reputation even before reaching level 90. However, there is a prerequisite quest chain you must complete before gaining access to the main Anglers' story line and quests.

Here's a run down of the steps you'll need to take (NOTE: This is mainly from the point of view of a player who is not yet level 90. For those who are already level 90, you can start doing The Anglers daily quests right away, but it's still recommended that you do the main Anglers quest chain for a hefty chunk of reputation):

(click to enlarge image)

Step 1: Complete the quest chain that starts with the quest The Klaxxi. It's a bit tricky to get to the quest giver, but there is a Wowhead comment that explains how to reach Bowmistress Li.

Step 2: Follow the quest chain (it should lead you from Bowmistress Li to the main Klaxxi quest hub, Klaxxi'vess), and complete all the quests until you reach friendly with the Klaxxi.

NOTE: I'm not 100% sure, but if you have no desire or need to complete the Klaxxi quest chain or continue earning reputation with them, I think you can move onto the next quest hub after reaching friendly. If the Soggy's Gamble quest hub does not offer any quests yet, return to Klaxxi'vess and continue the Klaxxi quest chain until the storyline at Soggy's Gamble unlocks.

Step 3: Head to the coast to Soggy's Gamble. Just follow the road leading south from Klaxxi'vess and you should reach it.

Step 4: Complete all the quests at Soggy's Gamble. It's a pretty linear quest chain, and nearly all quests reward The Anglers reputation. By the end of the chain, you'll have earned 2,520 reputation with them. Nearly friendly!

Step 5: If you're not yet level 90, you'll need to ding level cap first before heading back to the Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds.

After reaching level 90, The Anglers dailies at the Anglers Wharf will open up for you.

You can complete up to 3 dailies per day, and each one awards 500 reputation.

If you've completed the quest chain at Soggy's Gamble, here's a breakdown of how long it will take to reach honored with The Anglers (provided the reputation gain per daily does not change):

Starting out with 2520 Neutral reputation from the Soggy's Gamble quest chain...
Day 1
- 2520 Neutral rep + 1 daily (500 rep) = 3020 (hit Friendly)

- 20 Friendly rep + 2 dailies (1000 rep) = 1020 Friendly
Day 2
- 1020 Friendly rep + 3 dailies (1500 rep) = 2520 Friendly
Day 3
- 2520 Friendly rep + 3 dailies (1500 rep) = 4020 Friendly
Day 4
- 4020 Friendly rep + 3 dailies (1500 rep) = 5520 Friendly
Day 5
- 5520 Friendly rep + 1 daily (500 rep) = 6020 (hit Honored)

- Plus 2 more dailies if you want to continue the reputation grind!
NOTE: There are additional daily quests you can complete in order to gain reputation with The Anglers. According to El's Extreme Anglin', you can fish up a few rare fish that begin quests (requires level 85). Handing these fish over to Nat Pagle will net you friendship with the NPC and also 350 rep with The Anglers.

Since this is all information gathered from the beta, results may vary. Experience and reputation gains may also vary. Values are subject to change before the release of MoP.

Please let me know if there are any corrections that need to be made!


  1. FYI, you can get the goldfish as a random drop from fishing as well. Got one on my lvl86 that way before I even started the Angler's dailies.

    1. @Anonymous: That's great news for lower level players. :)


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