Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beta Update - "Already Known" Pets

I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, as this might just be a bug or an unintentional change, but I noticed while on the beta that the extra BoP Toxic Wastelings that I had saved in my bank had the "Already known" error removed from the tooltip.

(Image from April 18, 2012)

Previously, any extra BoP pets that you already knew had an error on the tooltip and produced an error when attempting to learn a second one on a toon that already knew it.

Currently, these items are still soulbound, but I had the option of caging the existing Toxic Wasteling in my journal. I did not attempt to cage it and then relearn it using the saved one in my bank, though.

If I can use the ones that I had in my bank, despite having already learned how to summon them, AND this is an intended change, then this is good news for those that saved any soulbound pets on live servers. If those companions are on the list of cageable/tradeable, then you might have some highly sought-after pets in your inventory/collection!

NOTE: I don't know if this applies to all saved soulbound pet items, since a second Brilliant Kaliri in my inventory still had the "Already Known" error in its tooltip. Perhaps achievement pets are the exceptions, while other saved pets such as the BoP ones from seasonal events are included in the change.

It might also mean holiday loot bag dropped pets will be more widely distributed post-MoP. I'm not against this in the slightest since I was never a huge fan of how these pets were obtained in the first place.

Some players have gone years without having one drop for them, despite the energy and dedication to trying for one. Ok, it keeps them playing, but not because they're having fun. Instead it's because they're hanging onto a thin thread of hope that maybe, just maybe next year it will drop from a once per day, RNG, limited time bag for them.

If this change goes through, other collectors and players will have the opportunity to either sell or be generous and hand out any extra holiday loot bag pets to fellow collectors.

We'll see what happens.

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