Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Achievement Changes

A new patch coming soon to a beta near you! MMO-Champion and Wowhead News have all the fun details, but here are just the pet related discoveries.
- Many pet achievements are having their point rewards reduced. This might make completing the achievement Time to Open a Pet Store (and earning the Jade Tentacle) a little harder. (Note: read edit below)

- The Feral Vermling reward is being removed from the Zen Pet Hunter achievement, and placed as the reward for Going to Need More Leashes (which has also been changed to require collecting only 250 unique pets, down from 300).

- A new reward for the That's A Lot of Pet Food achievement: Venus.
I haven't had a chance to add up all of the pet-related achievement points to see just how many areas you'd need to complete to earn the Jade Tentacle, but I expect it to include nearly all of the achievements (if not all of them).

I'm a little miffed by this, because I was hoping I wouldn't have to put in too much time with the PVP aspect of Pet Battles. If the only way to earn 300 pet battle achievement points is by completing ALL related achievements, then I suppose I have no choice, do I? *insert defeated sigh here* I certainly hope the Jade Tentacle is worth it.

EDIT: Well now I'm not sure what to think. According to Mumper on the forums, the Jade Tentacle will be a reward for the collect 400 unique pets achievement. So maybe I don't need to worry too much about earning so many achievement points afterall? Only time will tell.

On a less stress-inducing note... the new Venus pet definitely has my imagination going! First thing that comes to mind is a venus flytrap type of companion. That would be pretty amusing, having yet another pet that eats other critters haha. I just hope it doesn't go for the wild pets that I'm trying to capture! :P

Well, that's IF it's a venus flytrap. There's no icon for the pet item at the moment, so it's tough to say what this pet will be. Maybe it's a mini-planet. Maybe it's a little Roman goddess of love. Maybe it's a... um, what are some other "Venus" related things/people?

Anyway, I'm eager to find out more!

Update: MMO-Champion has an image of the Venus icon. It's a plant! XD

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