Friday, July 13, 2012

Blub Blub

It was a fairly short and easy-going grind to honored with The Anglers for the Tiny Goldfish on the beta!

So far it doesn't seem like the Tiny Goldfish has any vocalizations, although it does make a neat "bubbling" noise when summoned. I've tried a few emotes with this companion but it just doesn't seem interested. I haven't attempted to get it to interact with any other pet yet, but by the looks of it, it appears that this fish is content with just idling about next to you lol.

The large chunk of reputation gained while questing really helped boost my progress further than if I had just done dailies. I didn't try to fish up any of the rarer fish to turn in to Nat Pagle for additional rep, but it was still a relatively quick rep grind even without those extra dailies.

The standard dailies were straightforward and fairly easy, although there were a few that particularly bugged me.
- The Snapclaw quest was especially frustrating because only one player could loot the quest item, even if you were in a party and all members were on the same quest. You can even loot the quest item if someone else (even someone of the opposite faction) tags the mob (you just have to tag the mob as well and be the first to loot the body).

On top of the looting issues, the quest mob has a pretty long respawn timer. Be prepared to sit around waiting for a while if you get this daily.

Hopefully this daily quest gets sorted out and fixed before MoP goes live.

- Like Bombing Fish In A Barrel daily quest was simple but because there's no "smart" targeting for the bombs and the mobs are constantly moving about, I found myself mainly chucking the quest item (bombs) at a group of sting rays and just hoping that one would land just as a sting ray was passing by. I could see some players getting frustrating with this especially if there are a large number of players doing this daily all at once.

- The daily quest Fishing for a Bruising was your basic kill X number of mobs. Except that if you head to the questing area at the wrong time, all the mobs that you need will already be tagged by the NPCs. In order to get new (and therefore taggable) mobs to respawn, you have to first kill off the ones the NPCs are attacking. Thankfully the respawn time isn't too bad, though.
The one daily that I enjoyed doing the most was Jumping the Shark. It was fun, quick, and who doesn't love being able to punch a mob in the face with your bare hands? :P My druid is STRONG! Yeaaaa! *cool sunglasses*

Unfortunately I haven't tried out all the dailies yet since they're on a somewhat random rotation, but I'll keep checking each day.

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