Friday, July 20, 2012

Achievement Point Calculations

I finally took some time to do the math and calculate the achievement point earnings for each section of Pet Battles. Here's what I've found:
General = total of 105 points (minus the achievement to earn 300 points)

Collect = total of 290 points

Battle = total of 170 points

Level = total of 105 points
So it looks like completing Time to Open a Pet Store will be possible without having to invest a lot of time into the battling area of Pet Battles.

This makes me relieved since I'm not too big on PVP in any form. Then again, the Pet Battles PVP achievements don't look too painful. :)

I was mainly worried that with the achievement point reductions, I would wind up being forced to complete all sections. I'm relieved this won't be the case.

Jade Tentacle, here I come! XD

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