Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do Blues Love Pets As Much As We Do?

I certainly hope so! What's not to love about these little critters? :D

Anyway, Mumper offers up some very interesting pieces of information today!
"Also keep in mind that not all pets are set to short spawn timers. Some only spawn at certain times, seasons or day/night." - full quote here

"We just added Pet Battle Bandages to the Sack of Pet Supplies for both the one-shot Master quests and the Grand Master dailies. They stack up to x5 so that is always another option if you take part in the questline." - full quote here
Yep, you read that right. Not only will a few wild pets have environmental spawn conditions, there will be seasonal conditions as well.

I can already feel my blood pressure rising with just the thought of time limited wild pets. I'm hoping with every fiber in my being that because there will only be a small window of opportunity each year to catch certain companions, at least their respawn time will be short and they will have more spawn locations. It seems only fair, right?

Otherwise we're going to have another holiday loot bag situation on our hands, where there are just too many factors in an attempt to keep it "rare", that it just starts to feel too stressful and not fun.

We'll see how things play out, I guess.

That was the semi-bad news. The latter leans more towards good news IMO! I'm glad they decided to put Pet Battle Bandages into the Sack of Pet Supplies.

Prior to the change, there was a chance you would receive a unique item twice from the bag. However, because it's unique you can only have one in your bags, so in the end you would wind up with an error message and an empty sack. Very discouraging.

The addition of bandages to the reward is definitely what the minigame was missing, and the baggie will benefit from having a common loot drop along with a chance for a special item. No more empty rewards, yay!

It will also encourage players to follow and complete the questline. Nevermind the chance at receiving a new pet from the bag - the bandages are quite the incentive.

There are just some zones where the 15 minute revive/heal spell is not enough and a stable master is no where to be found or it's just too inconvenient to travel all the way there and back. Downtime and travel time doesn't equal fun!

Last but not least, the Worg Pup that went missing post-Pet Battles release on the beta will be returning in the future.

I guess it just decided to go on a solo adventure for a little bit before returning home. I'm glad the pup hasn't decided to run away forever. I adore my little color-changer! It's the pet I use the most on my hunter since she owns a larger version of that particular creature model. :)

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