Saturday, July 28, 2012

Achievement Point Calculations Update

More adjustments were made to the achievement point rewards. Many have had the points halved and the Jade Tentacle now requires that players earn 400 pet-related achievement points (up from 300).

The previous calculations for pet-achievement points can be found here.

And here are my new calculations based on the latest beta build:
General = total of 75 points (minus the achievement to earn 400 points)

Collect = total of 225 points

Battle = total of 135 points

Level = total of 90 points
All of this comes to a grand total of 525 points. As mention before, the Jade Tentacle requires earning 400 pet-related achievement points.

So it looks like you still won't have to complete ALL achievements in order to earn the Jade Tentacle, but it's cutting it close. There's probably room to leave out some of your least favorite or the tougher achievements, if you want.

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