Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pet Battle Dailies In MoP

If you haven't been keeping up with the WarcraftPets Forum and the MoP threads, this post about an auto-accept quest to battle a Pet Tamer after defeating a critter in a pet battle, along with a search result for a specific tamer NPC, has my mind brewing with possible pet battle challenge scenarios.

In the recent beta patch, pet battles dailies (yes, dailies) seem to have been added. This is where the two versions of a tamer NPC comes in. One is for the initial auto-accept quest, while the second one is the NPC for the daily quest. Also, it should be noted that one quest rewards a Sack of Pet Supplies, while the other only rewards gold. I think only the initial quest rewards the Sack of Pet Supplies.

So it's speculation time again!

Disclaimer: Until pet battles has been unlocked and this can be confirmed, take this all with a grain of salt. I might be right or I might be wrong. This is just me spewing ideas through my fingers, onto the screen, and into your eyeballs. :P

In light of these intriguing finds, here's what I think encounters with Pet Tamers might be like:
1. Capture X number of pets or capture/defeat a pet of a certain level/type.

2. Auto-accept a quest to find and defeat a specifically named Pet Tamer. (Quest is non-sharable)

3. Battle said tamer, and if you defeat them it unlocks step 4.

4. You can battle that particular Pet Tamer once per day. (Daily quest version)

5. The Pet Tamer will either direct you to a higher level Pet Tamer or you'll need to capture X number of wild pets or defeat a certain wild pet to unlock another Pet Tamer quest.
What's inside the Sack of Pet Supplies? Could there be Battle Pet Bandages (yes please!)? Pet biscuits? Toys? Maybe even a pet? It will be interesting to find out!

If this is really how the pet tamer battles will play out, what does this mean for collectors who are interested in battling? Well for starters, leveling up pets will be a requirement, since it's not clear which level of wild pets will have to be defeated in order to unlock the auto-accept quest to challenge a Pet Tamer. Having a complete battle team of three will also be necessary since Pet Tamers aren't exactly push-overs.

The concept of having to unlock so many aspects of Pet Battles might work out or it might not. It will be up to us to test it out and to make sure it flows seamlessly and isn't too tedious. I can't wait to test this all out "soon". :)

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