Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dread Wastes Not So Dreadful?

Thanks to the Pet Journal, two more pets have had their sources revealed! Or maybe these are just placeholder sources and Blizzard is trying to throw us off the trail. :P

According the journal, the Aqua Strider is a BoP drop off of Nalash Verdantis in the Dread Wastes (level 89-90 Pandaria zone).

In the same boat as the Aqua Strider is Grinder, who is also a drop off of an NPC from the Dread Wastes. Grinder is a BoP drop off of Karr the Darkener.

I'm not having any luck finding either NPC in any database at the moment, and I still don't have a level 90 toon on the beta so flying around searching for Nalash and Karr is a no-go for me atm. So unfortunately, I can't confirm this nor can I provide any other details.

Are these NPCs quest mobs? Rarespawns? What are their spawn locations? If anyone has more information on them, please share!


  1. I have an educated guess that Nalash Verdantis will be spawning in the Forgotten Mire as there are currently yellow Swamp Striders in the area and Red Mire Beasts as well.

    1. @Kamtastic: Definitely sounds like a place a rarespawn might pop up. I'll be keeping an eye out once I make it to the Forgotten Mire.


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