Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Like Banelings, Banelings Whoaaa

I take one day off from my computer and a new beta build comes out. Figures! :P

Since I'm still in the process of catching up on everything, here's all the new additions, updates, and changes via WarcraftPets News.

There was a lot of stuff datamined, and I'll be damned if I rewrite all of that out again. XD

Stuff I'm most excited about:
- SC2: Heart of the Swarm CE redeemable pet is a Baneling! I am absolutely NOT skipping getting this comopanion. I'm not a huge SC2 player, but I really enjoyed playing and watching the campaign. (Long-live the Queen of Blades!!!!)

The following video is a necessary for those who aren't especially familiar with Starcraft 2, and is just plain old fun for those who are. :P

- Cooking will be able to craft Red and Blue War Fuel.

- Not only that, but Engineers will be able to craft the Warbot itself!

- JC'ers will be able to craft the Sapphire Cub and Jade Owl.

- Magical Mini-Treats, Magical Mini-Treats, Magical Mini-Treats! I can't tell you how long I've been hoping and waiting for these to be implemented. I enjoy larger mini-pets, but at the same time I absolutely ADORE tiny-itty-bitty ones. I'm extremely happy and grateful that developers took some time to create these. Now to figure out where they come from...
There's more that I didn't mention here, so be sure to check out the WarcraftPets page that I linked above.

I'm not sure where the recipes for the professions come from, but they all seem to be BoP as are the items they create. With pet collections being account-wide, this shouldn't be an issue for those with alts who have the professions listed. Although to enjoy the Warbot fuel, players will probably need to pick up cooking for each toon they want to use it on. Luckily, the fuel recipe only requires level 1 cooking skill.

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