Monday, July 16, 2012

Porcupette Source Is Limited?

UPDATE: According to Mumper's Twitter the Sack of Pet Supplies will not be limited so we'll definitely have enough chances to find the Porcupette. YAY! Color me relieved!

There are reports that the Porcupette is a drop from the Sack of Pet Supplies (the reward for completing a quest to defeat a Pet Tamer in Pet Battle combat).

I'm nowhere near completing the questline and there are still tamers for me to battle, so I still have a chance to see it drop.

But I have to wonder if once you've defeated all the Pet Tamers and unlock the Pet Battles dailies, will your chances of obtaining the Porcupette drop to zero? Last I checked the sack was only from the quest chain, and the dailies did not have the Sack of Pet Supplies reward and only awarded gold (according to Wowhead's database).

If this is really the case... I will be a very unhappy and upset collector.

But if it's not, and the dailies will also reward the Sack of Pet Supplies (giving players a chance at the new pet even if they've completed the questline), then I suppose that's acceptable.

The fact that having it drop is based on RNG and you can only find it from one source puts enough limiters on it to keep it "rare". Adding on an extra factor such as limited chances due to it being awarded only through the questline and not the dailies, would be such a major downer.

Yea, it's BoU so we'll probably see it up for sale on the AH or players can gift it to each other, or you can complete the questline on alts (unless they change it so that quest completion is across all toons on your account) for extra chances at the pet from the sack reward. All these things considered, it would still leave a bad taste in my mouth. My experience with holiday loot bag pets has probably given me an extra pessimistic and grim outlook on companions that are acquired in a similar fashion, though.

We'll see. It's still early on and the pet isn't even fully implemented yet, I think. I'm hoping that either the dailies will also give players a chance at the Porcupette or the droprate is high enough so that by the time you complete all the quests and unlock the dailies, one will have dropped from the sack.

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