Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dread Wastes Rarespawns

Speak of the devil, eh? I just mentioned the rarespawn NPC, Nalash Verdantis, that drops the Aqua Strider and ta-da! He spawns on the beta lol.

I also found where Karr the Darkener spawns. He drops Grinder.

I only won the Aqua Strider; someone else in my group won Grinder.

Nalash Verdantis

This level 90 rarespawn has 3808k HP (value might change) and is a neutral mob that becomes hostile once you start attacking. He spawns on an island in the middle of the Lake of Stars.

His encounter involves three abilities, one you should probably interrupt if you can (Torrent), one that can't be interrupted but it can be and SHOULD be dodged (Rain Dance), and a base ability (Water Spout). This NPC is stunnable.

Overall a pretty basic don't stand in bad stuff, DPS hard, use your abilities wisely fight. A lvl 90 horde hunter managed fairly easily to defeat him solo, but I'm not sure what type of gear the player was using.

In quest greens/blues and outdated Cata gear, I needed some aid from my group. Plus I'm normally a healer, not a DPS. So *ahem* :P

Anyway, it looks like the pet is a 100% droprate and if in a group, all members will have to roll for it. It's a BoP pet, but you can trade the item to a group member that was present for the kill within the standard amount of time (2 hours).

Update: This pet may not be 100% droprate from this NPC.

Karr the Darkener

This level 90 rarepsawn has 3808k HP (value might change) and is a hostile mob that spawns in the Terrace of Gurthan (the ruins just east of the Forgotten Mire). He's surrounded by hostile stone quillen.

His encounter involves one main ability and a shadowbolt. The main ability (forgot the name) is a channeled cast and seems to target the player with highest agro. Said player is debuffed and simply needs to move out of the bad that spawns under their feet. Other than that, DPS him down! This NPC is stunnable.

Similar to Nalash, the companion seemed to be 100% droprate, had to roll on it if in a group, etc. Note that unlike the Aqua Strider, though, the item that teaches Grinder is BoP AND unique.

Update: This pet may not be 100% droprate from this NPC.

I'm not sure what the respawn timer is for either rarespawn as it seemed fairly quick on the beta. Half an hour quick LOL! But respawn times are likely shortened for testing purposes, so I expect both rarepsawns to be on the standard 6 - 12 hour cooldown. We'll have to wait and see once MoP goes live to be sure, though.

Lastly, just wanted to thank two players on the beta, Moodwen and Halrandir, for helping me kill these two rarespawns. :)

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