Friday, July 13, 2012

Pet Battles Testing This Weekend

All signs point to yes so far - Pet Battles will be available for testing on the beta servers this weekend! *excited*

MMO-Champion has datamined the upcoming build and the first thing that jumped out at me:
Time to Open a Pet Store - old reward: "Zookeeper" title. new reward: Jade Tentacle.
You read that right. A JADE TENTACLE. Are we finally getting an actual tentacle pet? I can't help but giggle at the thought. XD Yes, yes. I'm so immature.

Oh, and no, the "Zookeeper" title reward hasn't been removed completely. It's been moved to a higher tiered achievement.

Anyway, there are loads of revamped pet-related achievements. I won't list them all here. Instead, here are the NEW ones:
- Take Em' All On!: Win a pet battle aginst a pet of every family.
- Going to Need More Leashes: Collect 300 unique pets.
- That's a Lot of Pet Food: Collect 400 unique pets.
- Taming the Great Outdoors: Defeat 15 wild pet tamers.
- Taming the World: Defeat 45 wild pet tamers.
- Trainer Extrodanaire: Earn 100 pet battle achievement points.
To view the full list of updated/new achievements, go to the MMO-Champion post linked above. There are a CRAP-TON of pet achievement changes.

The beta servers are still down and patching will take some time. Hopefully Blizzard will release the Pet Battles blog post in the meantime. I'd like to see what they have to say in response to some questions/concerns about battling and collecting in MoP!

UPDATE: More pets found in this latest beta patch!
- Porcupette: BoU, no indication of source yet.

- Yu'lon Kite: Previously an on-use item and not a true vanity pet. Latest beta build has turned it into a true vanity pet. BoP. Inscription created.

- Chi-ji Kite: Same as the Yu'lon Kite.

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