Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Pre-Expansion Pet - Tiny Flamefly

It looks as though another new pet snuck into the patch! The Tiny Flamefly is a quest chain reward obtained from Burning Steppes. This pet is bind on pick up, and its model is a recolored copy of the Firefly.

TLDR - how to obtain the Tiny Flamefly:
step 1 - Head to Thorium Point in Searing Gorge and find the low level quest that sends you to Flamestar Post in Western Burning Steppes. OR you can try heading directly to Flamestar Post.

step 2 - Complete ALL quests from Flamestar Post. Once you've done this, you will be sent to Chiselgrip in Burning Steppes.

step 3 - Complete ALL quests from and associated with Chiselgrip. Once you've done this, you will be sent to either Flame Crest (horde) or Morgan's Vigil (alliance).

step 4
- Complete SEVEN! YUP! (alliance) or Not Fireflies, Flameflies (horde).

step 5 - Profit. :)

notes: Horde who are at war or hated with booty bay will need to raise their reputation with them before being able to complete the second to last quest for the flamefly.

Be careful not to destroy any of the quest items given to you while working on the quest chain as there is a chance you may need them further along the chain and will not be able to get them back later. Specifically the quest items received after starting on the Chiselgrip portion of the quest chain.

To begin the chain (if you are 80), you can pick up a breadcrumb quest from either a major city or from Thorium Point in Searing Gorge. This quest should send you first to Flamestar Post in Western Burning Steppes. Or you can try heading directly to Flamestar Post to see if there are quests that you can pick up without being sent there by another NPC. I haven't tried it yet, but let me know if there are quests readily available even without picking up and turning in the breadcrumb quest. Characters (of higher level) should be able to travel directly to Flamestar Post and pick up the chain from that quest hub.

Eventually you will be sent to the next quest hub in the zone, Chiselgrip. Once all quests have been completed your final destination will be Morgan's Vigil if you are alliance and I'm guessing Flame Crest for horde. An NPC will have a quest for you to capture 7 flameflies. The quest is called SEVEN! YUP! (alliance) and Not Fireflies, Flameflies (horde). Note: according to Kynole in the comments below, horde players will need to raise their reputation if you are hated with Booty Bay. One of the quest chain's NPC, Kibler, is part of the Booty Bay faction.

Upon completion you will be rewarded some gold, a choice between 4 uncommon items, and the flamefly companion. :) enjoy!

Thank you to the awesome users over at WarcraftPets.com for their reports on this pet!

Personal take on this new pet: It's cute and it will match well with the insect buff from an Underbelly Elixir. But! I would have preferred different coloring. Perhaps similar color scheme as Blacksting? In any case, I'm glad my firefly has a friend now! Too bad I still can't have more than one pet out at a time. Oh well, I guess I can just pretend that they're interacting with each other while hidden in my bags... talking about... insect-y... stuff? :P


  1. Where did you hear there might be something more? I must know if it's true >__<

  2. You pretty much have to do every quest in each of these areas for you to eventually get to this one. You receive the initial quest line after you complete the quest Trial by Magma and it's Kibler at Flame Crest who eventually gives you the flamefly quest. You simply have to collect 7 flameflies which are abundant in the area which you can do mounted and bam! You are presented with a sparkly little flamefly of your very own.

  3. Just ran over to flamestar and was able to pickup the flightpath and 2 quests without followin the crumbs.

  4. @harval: the tiny flamefly managed to sneak its way into the patch without the majority of collectors knowing about it, so i'm hoping that there will be others. there are still a few pets that we don't have much info about that could be possible stowaways. *crosses fingers*

    @anonymous (nov 24, 1221am): awesome! thanks for the info from a horde perspective.

    @anonymous (nov 24, 226am): excellent, thanks! now my alts can go straight to the quest hub lol.

  5. @Quintessence - Certainly was a nice surprise. Maybe those other 3 late addition pets (added with the Flamefly) are hiding in the game somewhere... one can hope.

  6. Ironically, had the choice to get the other 3 pets first or farm Thorium Brotherhood rep. Friends laughed at me for not going for the pets as hardcore as I normally do...

    Did searing and was halfway through burning steppes when the rep ran dry, and bang Tiny Flamefly! pet quest... I ignored the pets and ended up with one anyway lol :P

    Just wrote a small message to warcraftpets.com and continued on my way to complete the quest asap. :P

    Did a few database searches couldnt find out where the other unknown pets come from yet (snail, bubbles, etc) was hoping to find a related topic quest etc (ie flamefly = flamefly quest) wait and see where they pop up.

  7. If you are Hated By Booty Bay, you are going to have to wait to get your Rep back up!!! The second to last quest turn in is to NPC Kibler, a member of Booty Bay.

  8. @Dirtyshadow: ahh, what an awesome surprise! it's pretty lucky that you stumbled upon it when you did. :)

    @Kynole: thank you for this insight!

  9. I am revered with Booty Bay. I did all the quests in swamp of sarows and the three quests the orc in black rock spire gives.. so far nothing from Kibler.....

  10. @Justin: head to western burning steppes to flamestar post. you should find quests there and upon completion of all of them, your next destination will be chiselgrip. once all quests have been completed, you'll head to either flame crest (horde) or morgan's vigil (alliance). hope this helps!

  11. I got the pet and stayed to get enough quests for the achievement since I had already put so much time into it.

  12. I finished the Kodo quest and now there is nowhere to turn it in??? I have abandoned it 3 times and tried again... I can't go any further. Any ideas what I did wrong?

  13. @Anonymous: make sure you've picked up all the other possible quests and complete those as well. also - http://www.wowhead.com/quest=28252#comments is mentioning that the QuestGuru addon might be interfering with the completion of the kodo quest.


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