Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Pugs Take Over

after seeing a tweet from mmo-champion about a certain puppy taking over northshire on the beta, i had to check it out for myself. sure enough, i stumbled onto the most terrifying yet adorable sight ever..

they ranged from normal "pet-size" to medium to medium-large to gigantic. the larger ones had a stacking buff that read: "test grow - 7 days remaining." and yes, all of them are barking nonstop.

the funniest part about all of this is that there is a group of stormwind royal guard that pats right into the mob of perky pugs. i can just imagine what must be going through their minds as they ride through, 'i better not be assigned to poop-duty after this shift.' :P


  1. So, is this a hack or something?

    1. @Jarrod: No, this was during the beta where developers are constantly testing and playing around with the code. Needless to say, this invasion of Perky Pugs didn't last for very long and was only temporary.

  2. Hey by any chance can you send me the real zise pics?:)


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