Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Three New Family Members

yay for patch day! three new pets are available and ready to join collections. :)

i decided to go for mr. grubbs first since both withers and brazie's sunflower are guaranteed quest rewards.

there are a few reports that mr. grubbs may also be a static drop from the grub mobs in EPL as well as a drop from the hidden stash loot bags (obtainable only after completing the prerequisite quest chain). i haven't tested it out yet, but either method, be ready for the hunt! it shouldn't be quite as difficult as the disgusting oozeling, however, since the hidden stash has a chance to drop from ANY mob found within EPL so long as you have fiona's buff.

one possibility is that mr. grubbs can be obtained through either farming the grub creatures or doing the quest chain for the buff, but maybe the buff will increase your chances? it would make sense since it allows you to pick up the loot bags from ANY mob rather than being able to see mr. grubbs, which probably is only directly looted from carrion and devourer grubs. being able to kill any type of mob, anywhere and finding the pet definitely does give you an advantage over those that can only hope to find the pet straight from a specific type of creature.

i chose to do the quest for fiona's gift and didn't spend very much time farming and looting hidden stashes before i found the pet. perhaps i'll test out straight farming mobs/grubs on another character later this week to see if there's a notable difference.

next was brazie's sunflower. my other half, who loved PvZ, insisted that he help with that quest. so i happily let him take over and he did a splendid and quick job of finishing the quest for me. :P

last but not least, withers. i haven't fully completed the quest chain yet, but i'm enjoying going through new darkshore. it's so streamline and a pleasure to quest through now. i'm saddened that it's forever changed, but at the same time some new scenery keeps things interesting.


  1. I got mr grubbs last night very easily. On my third or fourth bag. I farmed the mobs that were part of one of the lead up quests with the BE. They are grouped together so closely that it's an easy way to get lots of mobs and kill quickly. I'm was thinking that maybe there was a bug with the drop rate because I've never gotten a pet so quickly with farming!

  2. @flamingwitch: congrats! mr. grubbs does indeed seem to have a pretty high droprate, although some have had a harder time finding him than others.

  3. I think I'm one of the unlucky ones with Mr. Grubbs... it took a total of about 5 hours of continuous killing for me to finally get one! Could be worse, of course... but I'm very jealous of those that got it so quickly.


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