Thursday, November 4, 2010

Four More?!

there have been quite a few bumps for the collecting community this past year, but we have to also keep in mind the gigantic flood of companions coming this winter and in cataclysm. give and take, ups and downs. can't have the good without the bad. :)

that being said, despite the recent pet peeves, i do feel slightly spoiled with so many pets heading our way, and to top it off... the developers probably have even more companions in mind and planned for the future!

bindar of warcraftpets found four new additions on wowhead's cataclysm site (added november 3, 2010) that have been categorized as companions:
- bubbles (might be a bubble pet? lol. or perhaps a nod to michael jackson's chimp?)
- little snail (a snail critter model does exist, and there was a brief moment when the guild rewards were released that a "pet snail" was datamined, so perhaps we should remain hopeful?)
- lizzy (i'm hoping this one is a baby warp stalker that are currently waddling about on the beta. lizzard... lizzy, it works!)
- tiny flamefly (finally a friend for the firefly?)
these four don't have unique item or spell IDs at the moment, so it's likely they're just placeholders or works in progress (for now). blizzard may add them in cataclysm or they may not. many pets have been discovered and datamined before but not all make the final cut. like many of the other speculated pets, we'll just have to wait and see.

even if there's a huge question mark about these four, i'm quite excited! especially for a possible vanity pet named lizzy. normally gender doesn't really concern me. male, female, other... non-combat pets are non-combat pets and i love them all. however, it would be nice to see a balancing out of the male to female pet ratio.

currently there's really only one other obviously female pet, winter's little helper. all of the other companions have either androgynous names/models or are obviously male, such as mr. chilly or the argent squire and argent gruntling or mr. wiggles and so on. there has yet to be a "mrs." or "ms." anything!

i could just assign a gender to the many non-gender specific pets if it bothers me that much, but it would be nice to see some female companions that were intended to be obviously female along with the male ones being pumped out, yenno? so i'm pretty hopeful for the "lizzy" pet. and yes, i know that "lizzy" may not even be an intended female name/companion, but it's the closest one out of all the pets so far. i'll take what i can get. :P

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  1. I'm intrigued, I wasn't expecting anything else. I won't get my hopes up just yet, but really every time I see a glimpse of something new like this it excites me.


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