Monday, November 22, 2010

Patch 4.0.3a This Week?

mmo-champion's reporting that the shattering will occur this week of november 22nd. so, uh, that means TOMORROW. time to... panic mode?!

the majority of the new pets will very likely NOT be released with patch 4.0.3a. however, there's a high probability that there will be three companions that we may be able to get a start on after deathwing has had his way with azeroth:
- Mr. Grubbs (EPL)
- Brazie's Sunflower (Hillsbrand Foothills)
- Withers (Darkshore)
some info about obtaining each pet behind the cut! oh and my apologies if any of my information is incorrect or inaccurate.

beta =/= live servers, yea? :P

mr. grubbs
bind on pick up mob drop (Eastern Plaguelands mobs).

see my original mr. grubbs post. if they haven't changed anything since i wrote it, then you should be all set to go hunting. :) oh and in case it's not mentioned on that post, the hidden stash loot bag can be obtained from ANY eastern plagueland mob as long as you have fiona's buff.

brazie's sunflower
quest chain reward (final quest: Lawn of the Dead). the quests can be found just south of the dalaran crater in hillsbrad foothills.

while not as pretty and organized as my mr. grubbs write up, i also wrote some notes about brazie's sunflower and the peacebloom vs. ghouls quest chain. i hope it saves at least a few people some extra time/effort.

some things are likely to have changed sing that write up, though. i heard that blizzard had to do some tweaking to the PvG quests so what's written may not be all that accurate. hopefully they've worked out the majority of the kinks and it'll be a fun mini-game for everyone.

and last but not least...

alliance quest chain reward (Remembrance of Auberdine); bind on pick up horde vendor pet (apothecary furrows). alliance can start the chain at the new quest hub in darkshore, while horde can purchase the pet from an npc located within cliffspring falls (northern darkshore).

unfortunately i didn't make a comprehensive post about this companion, but the quest chain is pretty linear, so it won't be too difficult. the main annoyance will be the inability to fly to get around from area to area within darkshore! but luckily for alliance, the zone should be revamped to be more efficient and should make for a better questing experience. :)

i'm definitely looking forward for new pets to add to my army, so i can't wait for the shattering. which one to start on first, i wonder lol.

if blizzard decides to not release these three with 4.0.3a, i'll be pretty disappointed (and confused), but it won't dampen my spirit. cataclysm is just over the horizon!

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  1. It's live.

    My download was 28MB or so.

    If you think about it - today's release makes sense. Because it is exactly 6 years to the day that WoW was released.


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