Monday, November 29, 2010

Brainz... Brainzzz!

am i already performing insane experiments on my poor moonkin hatchling? did it somehow trip and fall and wind up with the most gruesome boo-boo ever?

it's actually the moonkin hatchling playing fetch with a fetch ball. yes, despite having arms and hands and even a beak, this pet is yet another that insists on using its head to pick up the ball. literally. it's quite comical, if not a little disturbing. it looks a lot like my pet managed to get open brain surgery and the surgeons forgot to re-attach its skull. :(

side note: lil' ragnaros, being the all powerful firelord that he is, refuses to play fetch. when attempting to throw a ball, an error will pop up. i guess he's not as amused by trivial little games as my other pets are.

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