Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WarcraftPets Users: Collection Bug

for users of the WarcraftPets website, please see this post. a bug was discovered revolving around collections and the moonkin hatchlings.

if you are having trouble loading the page, here is the information and fix:
IMPORTANT! If you've already added one of the new Moonkin Hatchlings to your WarcraftPets collection prior to this morning (Tuesday, November 30, 2010), your collection is likely to be bugged.

The bug was caused by an error in our validation routine. The error's been fixed, but any single-character collections that included the Moonkin before our patch will require you to tweak your collection.

How To Fix Your Collection:
1. Go to Update My Collection.
2. Scroll down to your excluded pets (at the very bottom).
3. Find the Moonkin Hatchling you collected.
4. Click the {re-include} link at right.
An optional last step is to exclude the alternate version of the Moonkin Hatchling you're unable to collect. Some of you may already have done this. You can do this by clicking {exclude} next to the Moonkin you wish to exclude in your Wanted list, toward the top of the "Update My Collection" page.
admins are aware that the website is painfully slow at times and are working on a resolution. the goal is to have it back up to speed before the expansion is released. we're like addicts, we all need our vanity pet fix! haha. but seriously, thank you for your understanding and patience on this matter. :)

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