Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cryptozoic Update

Cryptozoic has stated that:
"The common Loot card will be an alternate skin Lil XT as seen on the Blizzard store. Yes, the common Loot card is now a pet and this will continue with each set moving forward." - source
this is GREAT news for pet collectors if what they are implying is true. starting with the upcoming worldbreaker TCG expansion pack and continuing for every new expansion released thereafter, the common loot card will be a companion pet!

this will likely drive prices down a bit on the new TCG pets, but it may also mean higher availability. even if the pet cards are more accessible, i don't expect to see a bunch of the card game companions walking around azeroth like the flood of sparkle ponies.

on the flip side, a pet in the common slot for each expansion could also mean poorer quality TCG companions due to the demand for a new one every set as well as the less rare quality. we'll just have to wait and see how blizzard handles this change.

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