Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Patch 4.0.3 Today

**UPDATE: despite mmo-champion's report that deathy has been updated with this patch, he currently does not have his new animations and vocalizations.

the big question: is deathy finally cured? we won't know for sure until servers come back up after today's maintenance. mmo-champion is reporting that deathy should be updated with his new animations and vocalizations with patch 4.0.3. cross your fingers and knock on wood!

if you haven't already seen the preview of a rehabilitated deathy, check out the video. there's no sound unfortunately, but i can assure you he will sound much less like grunty and more like an angry murloc. (as he should since he's yenno, a wannabe deathwing right?) oh, and one last thing... he burps quite a bit. if you play with sound on, better get used to his habit of belching smoke rings!

just to refresh your memory, patch 4.0.3 is NOT the shattering. all zones will not be changing until 4.0.3a. rest assured that although zg will no longer exist as an instance zone after azeroth has made its transformation, the razzashi hatchling will be available in its new home eventually. there have been no other confirmed "missing" pets post-shattering, but if anything comes up you can be bet that i'll be posting about it asap.

another reminder is that the PetStore pets are likely to come out very soon. get your wallets ready if you plan on splurging on the moonkin hatchling(s) and lil' ragnaros! for those who don't feel all that comfortable spending more real money on a game, you can look forward to wow's 6th anniversary gift that should be heading our way near thanksgiving. there's no confirmation that it will be a pet, but we can hope! speaking of thanksgiving... ready for some plump turkey? :)

i hope everyone's ready for the massive flood of companions to collect in the expansion. less than a month to go! :D

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