Friday, November 26, 2010

Murloc Pet Speculation

could it be? i finally... added murky to my collection...? the murloc is a lie, the murloc is a lie, the murloc is a lie! :(

more thoughts on the hardboiled egg "pet" and a screenshot or two behind the break!

after reading a comment made by irriel on wowhead about the hardboiled egg, i had to satisfy my curiosity and take a look inside the new (normal mode) deadmines for myself. the heroic version of this instance won't be out until cataclysm is released.

sure enough, i found the end boss, cookie, and she was quite upset with me. to the point where she decided to start throwing food at me from a cooking pot.

it was mildly amusing if not annoying, but after a few pieces of rotten fruit and meat, i noticed a little easter egg heading in my direction. upon landing on me it burst open and out popped a baby murloc. this baby, slightly confused and dumbfounded, looked around for a moment before breaking into song and dance. as quickly as it appeared, it slipped away into the shadows.

so you're probably wondering what on earth all of this has to do with the datamined murloc "pet" that no one can seem to find more information on, right? well after seeing this event with my own eyes and contemplating the comment made by irriel (linked above), it would make sense if cookie did drop a baby murloc pet either in normal deadmines or the heroic version.

however, i would also have to agree with the commenter that so far it seems this "pet" is more like a temporary spell than a permanent, trainable one that can be added to a collection. wowhead says that the hardboiled egg teaches the player an eat the egg instant cast spell which is far from any normal companion summoning tooltip that i've ever seen.

i've only been through the new deadmines twice so far and have yet to see an actual pet drop (from any boss for that matter), so your guess is as good as mine if this pet will actually be a pet or if it's more like a mis-labeled and incorrectly categorized temporary companion. if there is a boss that could potentially drop a baby murloc pet with an "eat the egg" summon, i would say cookie is a pretty good candidate though. we'll just have to wait and see come cataclysm where we will be able to test out these ideas and theories in the heroic version of deadmines.


  1. Oooh! Exciting possibilities :)

    Thanks for your recent posts - I now have all 4 new pets that you have mentioned - your guides were so helpful <3

    And gave you a plug on my little blog :)

  2. It would be unlikely there would be an item and a pet summoning spell if this was simply a temporary spell. It makes no sense for them to label such a spell as one players can learn. I would think there's a good chance Cookie might drop the pet in the level 85 version of the dungeon, but I guess that remains to be seen. I still think it's a bad idea for the pet to look identical to Murky himself, but I digress.

  3. Oh my goodness I would love a little murloc pet... especially one that danced. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for heroic Deadmines to have it a drop from Cookie.

    Great blog by the way. I love reading it and feeding the fish every time I stop by.


  4. @Marlene Whitecourt: i'd love to finally have an "original-model" baby murloc pet too, or even a recolored version. and thank you! :)


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