Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cuteness Overload

mmo-champion has official blizzard moonkin hatchlingS and lil' ragnaros previews! yup, you read right. hatchlings as in plural. there is a horde version and an alliance version of the baby moonkin.

it's still unknown whether or not there will be two versions of the moonkin hatchling for purchase or if it will be a single item that morphs faction to match whichever character you are currently learning it on. since wowhead has two item IDs for the moonkin hatchling, there's a strong possibility that there will be two separate hatchlings to purchase from the PetStore, but we'll have to wait and see. also, if there are two that you may buy, it's still unknown if you can learn both on a single character or if each one will be faction specific. i certainly hope my alliance druid can have both! she does not discriminate faction when it comes to pets. if she could adopt an argent gruntling, she would in a heartbeat! :)

blizzard will be announcing the release date for these PetStore pets as well as information on which charity the proceeds will be going to in the near future. so we can expect to see these three in the store soon!

all seriousness aside, let me take a moment to.. USE ALL CAPS AND EXCLAIM MY ADORATION FOR HOW CUTE THEY ARE! *ahem* but yes, they are quite the adorable little balls of feathers. i can only imagine what interesting animations they will have. will they do the classic moonkin dance? maybe moonfire critters? one of the images shows the alliance version up in the air which could indicate either a jump or an attempt at flying... though the latter's not very likely since moonkin don't fly! (fatties :P just kidding lol.)

and because i don't want to leave the firelord out, lil' ragnaros in all his mini-glory is looking pretty cool. i'm not sure, but it looks like he doesn't come with the legendary mace, sulfuras, hand of ragnaros. the model seems pretty similar, less impressive than the actual weapon though. well i guess you can't hand out an all powerful elemental lord with all his bells and whistles or you my wind up being his pet instead of the other way around. :P oh and i'll be very surprised if lil' ragnaros doesn't have a 'kill critters on sight' animation lol.

i absolutely cannot wait for these three pets to go on sale. there will be much squee-ing in this household on that day.

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