Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'Tis the Season to be Collecting

faa lala la laa, lala lalaaaa. oh wait. it's not christmas time yet! well it certainly feels like the holidays with all of the new (and old) companions coming our way.

mmo-champion has datamined two icons for the moonkin hatchling as well as an icon for lil' ragnaros from the most recent beta build. unfortunately, they've also discovered that lil' alexstrasza has been removed.

personally, i'm not all that bothered by the dragon aspect baby being made unavailable (for now) to players. lil' deathwing, i can understand since he's the main focus of this expansion. but other than him (and the onyxian whelping, who isn't really labeled as mini-onyxia herself... although it does behave a lot like momma dragon.. meh details :P), having a mini-dragon aspect as your pet just seemed kind of... odd. it took the mysticism and epic-ness out of the game somewhat. no one's supposed to be able to OWN an all powerful being like a dragon aspect!

anyway, back to the moonkin hatchlings. yes, two icons have been datamined; one horde and one alliance. still no sign of a model for the pet though, but blizzard did mention that it would be available in november so i guess we just need to wait a bit longer.

my biggest question is if there really will be two hatchlings to purchase, and if we'll be able to learn both versions on the same toon, regardless of what faction we play for. or will it be a new type of companion that morphs factions to match the current one you're on? (let's face it, people love their faction switching lol.) we'll see!

more holidays pets to look forward to this month as well as in december:
- plump turkey
- winter's little helper
- father winter's helper
- tiny snowman
- winter reindeer
- and hopefully a new pet under the holiday tree during the winter festival!
- last but not least, possibly a pet to celebrate world of warcraft's 6th anniversary

oh and, uhm, i think there was this thing called an expansion coming out december 7th? something like that? :P

so on top of all of the upcoming holiday pets there will be all new expansion companions to collect! talk about vanity pet collectors scoring big this winter haha. tons of pets to look forward to, and hopefully all goes well and as planned.


  1. Only like a month left to mass collecting, I'm excited.

  2. The 5th pet was available from 22nd November for a week iirc. That's only a couple of weeks away :)

  3. Sorry to double up on this, but I forgot to mention I saw files in the MMOC datamine for Moonkin Hatchling dancing and sitting! So there's a clue what this little guy can do, at the very least so far.

  4. @Harval: i'm really excited as well! especially for the moonkin hatchling. i only wish i could have more than one pet out at a time. i'd bring out both the teldrassil sproutling and the moonkin hatchling for a druid dance party :)

    @NiceBloke: yup, can't wait to see what blizzard has planned for this year's anniversary. a mount? a pet? something else?


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