Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Moonkin Hatchling: A Thought

it clearly states on the PetStore that a horde toon will not be able to receive an alliance moonkin hatchling and vice versa. however, upon closer inspection, when you log into your character to receive the pet, rather than looting the item directly from your mail box, you instead loot a moonkin egg. i'm guessing this is so the moonkin rewarded to you from inside can be properly assigned a faction to match your toon upon obtaining.

but what if your toon were to faction change? would you receive a new moonkin hatchling of the opposite faction? if so, this could potentially mean that a single toon could have both versions at the same time. whether or not you'd be able to use both is something else. note that blizzard only states you can't RECEIVE your opposing faction's hatchling, and the PetStore doesn't mention anything about being able to USE your opposing faction's hatchling (should you somehow get one).

i'm not sure i have the guts (or the extra money lol) to test this all out, but hopefully someone will. maybe not for the sake of testing it, but hopefully by chance they will stumble across the answer and we'll all know one way or the other. :)


  1. i know you arent warcraft pets per say...but i have a better question

    why arent the alliance and horde versions considered the same? i mean if we have one we can have the other as well, we would just need a horde toon

    makes people such as myself that have a nice collection on a single toon go out and make a horde toon(soon to be goblin) and then change over my collection to a multi-toon collection

    makes me sad...i wish Breanni would reconsider making them the same pet

  2. @Anonymous: since the hatchlings are faction specific, they're being treated in the same fashion as the argent squire and argent gruntling for now.

    personally, i think it's easier to maintain collection tracking and stats when faction specific pets remain separate. plus it gives everyone an extra boost to their pet count :P

    feel free to make this suggestion over at the website, though! you can either post it in your community comment or make a private suggestion through the contact feature (upper right hand side of WarcraftPets.com, next to FAQ).

  3. I have a feeling that if you faction change your toon with a moonkin hatchling on it, you lose the moonkin hatchling. In the wow pet store FAQ there is a line which says (http://eu.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?locale=en_EN&tag=PETSTORE):

    If a character transfers off of the account where the pet or mount is bound the pet or mount will be lost.

    I imagine they applied the same thing to the moonkin hatchling with faction changes. But of course, we can't be sure until either someone faction changes or a blue lets us know.

  4. @Anonymous: We struggled with how to do this on WarcraftPets. I agree, it would be nice and tidy to treat both pets as one and the same. Essentially they are.

    What threw us through a loop is that they are treated as separate entities data-wise. Each have their own unique Spell ID. This is why other database sites also treat them as separate pets. It makes it even harder when you factor in our pet collecting addon, which allows you to upload your collection based on Spell IDs.

    So the best solution for this pet (as well as the upcoming Guild Page and Guild Herald, which are also faction-specific) was to treat them as WoW does -- as separate entities.


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