Friday, November 19, 2010

Something to Consider

4.0.3a, aka the shattering/sundering, will bring about major world changes. zones will be altered forever as well as quests and items. zg as an instance will be disappearing, as will the items and mounts and reputation held within. the razzashi hatchling, however, will make a come back either sometime after 4.0.3a or in cataclysm.

this is all confirmed news, yes? yes.

but something that i never thought of has been brought up: zones will be changing, which means quests will be changing, which means NEW quests. there are a few pets that are available at lower levels in revamped zones that should be accessible WITHOUT purchasing or installing the expansion. will these quests/companions become available once 4.0.3a hits? reports from the PTR are indicating yes so far.

this means pet collectors may be getting an early treat and may be able to start collecting new companions even before the expansion. i don't have 100% confidence or confirmation that this will be true, so as always... DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER! i stress the "maybe" so don't get your hopes up too high. this is food for thought, though.

even if there's no guarantee, you can bet that i'm definitely going to be checking out the zones post-shattering for the companions that do not require the expansion.

here is a list of the companions that can be obtained from zones that are readily accessible by most players before cataclysm:
- Mr. Grubbs (EPL)
- Brazie's Sunflower (Hillsbrand Foothills)
- Withers (Darkshore)


  1. I don't see why not. The Shattering will be happening either this Tuesday or next Tuesday, so that means all the new 1-60 quests will be in the game. I can't imagine any reason to hold out those quests and changes just so those pets won't be available until Dec. 7th.

    I've always been looking forward to the Shattering for that reason.

  2. @Harval: i don't know why i didn't realize this sooner! too caught up in the excitement i guess :P

    we'll have to wait and see what blizzard decides to do come the shattering. they love to send us (sometimes unwelcome) surprises :\

  3. @Quintessence - Personally I was hoping for the new baby elementals... there are critter versions near Thrall in the Throne of Elements in Nagrand. It would have been a nice reward to have these pets given out to people who helped defeat each type of rift. Easy to accomplish, but makes them special since it's a limited time event.

    This kinda does make it obvious how few quest/drop related pets are in the game though. I wish they had added more to the new old world.


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