Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where Are the Moonkins?

despite there only being a couple days left in november, the much anticipated moonkin hatchlings still have not arrived in the blizzard PetStore. could this mean a delayed release for some time in december? or just a very last minute november sale?

this past week was a holiday for most living in the united states, so i suppose it's only natural that blizzard staff would still be in their turkey comas and post-thanksgiving sluggishness. i'm still feeling a bit lazy too. :P

hopefully the hatchlings (and can't forget about lil' ragnaros!) will arrive within the next week. with the expansion just a little over a week away, i'm hoping to see a bunch of little beaks and feathers running alongside players as they begin their adventure to 85. :)

oh and slightly off topic (if you haven't played assassin's creed brotherhood, feel free to skip this): whenever ezio initiates a recruit into full fledged assassin, he says a line in italian. each and every time, there's one word in that he says that sounds very similar to "moonkin." my boyfriend and i can't help but look at each other whenever he says it, repeat "moonkin" and then laugh.


  1. I'm with you there. I've been waiting for them all month. Those would be great gifts for guild members and stuff. And the fact it goes to charity that is even better.

    I hope they come out soon. Do you think there will be two to buy or just one that changes with the faction? I hope two. :)


  2. @Marlene Whitecourt: they're finally on sale! and not a moment too soon haha. players can buy one moonkin hatchling and it will automatically switch factions to match your own. so unfortunately a horde player can't have an alliance hatchling and vice versa. :(


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