Sunday, November 7, 2010

Slowing Down

now that cataclysm is exactly one month away, i've been slowing waaaay down on the beta testing. most of the remaining companions that i have yet to see, test or collect on the beta are the ones that are pretty straight forward and don't really require anything special other than lots of time and energy. so i guess those last few may just have to wait until the live release of cataclysm for their very own screenshots. :P

i'll probably sort out a plan of action and prioritize which pets i'll be going after first in the expansion, as well as hunt down any last minute information on the companions that are still eluding the cataclysm pet list.

and it goes without saying, but i'm still anxiously waiting for the PetStore additions, my very own deathy code to redeem, and the 6th anniversary gift.

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