Monday, November 22, 2010

Minor Updates

i've made some minor updates to the cataclysm list of pets. when i say minor, i really mean.. minor. i think blizzard is slowly and surely winding down and getting ready for release. there's still no word on a few of the pets, but hopefully we'll find them lurking within the expansion.

oh and also..

i finally managed to get my hands on the two enchanting recipes/pets on the beta. they're quite large for lanterns and lamps and they WILL fly along with you. when clicked on they make this charming/annoying (depends on what type of in-game noises you like i guess lol) chiming noise. in case you're wondering, the blue one is the enchanted lantern (horde only recipe) while the purple one is the magic lamp (alliance only recipe).

and i know i've made the joke before (it's just such an easy one to make :P)... i love lamp!

1 comment:

  1. Finally some new pets to earn this week. Exciting! My plan is to get my Enchanting friend to make me two of the Alliance lamps and then I'll go on the Horde side of the server and just straight trade it for a lantern.


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