Friday, November 12, 2010

Cata Engineering Pets Update

the engineering profession has been updated on the beta and it may take longer to level to the appropriate level to learn the de-weaponized mechanical companion and personal world destroyer. not too challenging, but not quite as simple/easy as it was when i wrote a previous post detailing these two pets.

both trainer learned recipes still require 475 engineering skill, but they have had their mats altered and now require more than just a few bars and bolts. one thing that many will be glad to hear is that the two companions are still bind on use. so start buddying up with your favorite engineer now! or start planning your way to 475 engineering skill if you happen to have the profession on your collector. ;P


  1. With the removal of Gnomeregan - is it already known what happens to the two engineering pets dropping there?

  2. @Anonymous: gnomeregan the instance will not be removed in cataclysm. some of the mobs that currently drop the schematics for the pet bombling and lil' smoky will still exist, and will likely still drop the recipes. even if a mob type that used to drop the schematics is removed in the expansion, i'm sure another mob within gnomeregan will have the recipes placed on their loot table instead. i haven't actively tested this, but since the instance zone is still around there's a high chance of both pets being available post-cataclysm.


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