Monday, November 29, 2010

They're Here! - Moonkin Hatchling & Lil' Ragnaros

the moonkin hatchling and lil' ragnaros are now available in the PetStore! remember: the blizzard store is regional, so NA users need to buy the digital downloads from the NA store, while EU users need to use the EU store and so on.

directly from the store:
Moonkin Hatchling -
"Fresh from the nest, the Moonkin Hatchling arrives in your mailbox wide-eyed and ready to explore the world. Featuring unique Horde and Alliance versions, this adorable hatchling occasionally plants flowers at your feet and gladly /dances with any willing partners.

All Alliance characters automatically receive the purple moonkin hatchling and all Horde characters automatically characters receive the brown moonkin hatchling. It is not possible to receive the Horde version of the Moonkin Hatching on an Alliance character or vice versa.

For every Moonkin Hatchling purchased from November 29 through December 31, 2010, Blizzard Entertainment will donate 50% of the $10 purchase price to the Make-A-Wish Foundation®."
Lil' Ragnaros -
"Get your guildmates fired up with Lil' Ragnaros, the mini-elemental lord. Not only can he serve as a cooking fire, but he'll also sporadically ignite nearby critters that wander too close to his burning form. As a being of pure elemental fire, he will even submerge into the world's molten core when you start moving and then reemerge next to you wherever you stop."
much like the pandaren monk sale, the moonkin pet will have half its proceeds go towards charity. both are completely worth the buy and the wait though. :)

some nifty and unexpected surprises came with these two pets: the moonkin hatchling will sometimes throw a flower at the player's feet, and lil' ragnaros doubles as a cooking fire! (yes, i had to cook some spice bread on him just to confirm lol.) lil' ragnaros also submerges and moves underground to follow you. when he re-emerges, he'll do a roar animation and i swear it sounds like he's saying "too soon" lol. like the searing scorchling, he'll set critters in range on fire. it's not quite as an instant kill as the other pet, but lil' ragnaros lives up to his fiery reputation. :P

oh and last but not least, to get the moonkin hatchling to dance, players will need to initiate /dance with it.

i expect to see a flood of variations of this type of screenshot within the next week. it's hard to resist posing with the baby moonkin though!

i'm a little disappointed that i can't get a horde version of the hatchling on my alliance druid, but i'm pretty satisfied overall.


  1. Lil Ragnaros actually does say "too soon" on first summoning him, and also "By fire be purged!" when you click on him a handful of times. Overall, I'm very satisfied with these two. I got them as an early Birthmas present so it was even better since they were free. I had them within an hour of release so I got plenty of stop and stares and "awwwwwww!"s.

    Always a fun time >_>

  2. @Harval: the first thing i did was get some cooking mats and make a spice bread on top of lil' rag's head LOL. i just had to see it for myself. XD


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