Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Old World Pets

with all the talk about the new pets, there hasn't been much news about azeroth's older pets. this is largely due to the fact that collectors will need to actively spend large amounts of time hunting for them since blizzard isn't going to openly state if and where they've relocated many of the aged companions.

however, there are some rumors about a few of the "missing" pets (note: until there are more reports confirming the following, this information may be inaccurate and/or incomplete):
- hyacinth macaw: possible zone drop in STV.
- razzashi hatchling: possible zone drop in STV.
- black tabby: the murlocs in hillsbrad foothills may have stolen a few of these. or maybe this cat is a zone drop now.
- disgusting oozeling: shifting mireglob in swamp of sorrows may drop the oozing bags. try the worms in silithus too. rule of thumb seems to be any higher level ooze capable of dropping an item lvl 50 oozing bag should have the potential of dropping the disgusting oozeling.
- dark whelpling: the ebon whelps in wetlands is a good place to start looking. some of the whelps in badlands and burning steppes may also drop this one.
- azure whelpling: possible zone drop in winterspring.
- sprite darter hatchling (for alliance): possible zone drop in feralas. (unchanged for horde?)
- emerald whelpling: possibly from the noxious whelps in northern feralas.
- crimson whelpling: possible zone drop in wetlands.

some other pets that i'm still looking for more information on:
- smolderweb hatchling and its quest
- worg pup and its quest

hmm.. are there any other pets that seem to have been displaced after the patch?

if you have first hand experience/confirmation about any changes or updates to other existing pets and their drop locations, feel free to comment below or contact me on! a full screenshot of you looting the pet really helps as well!

the more we know as a community, the sooner we can mass our forces and confirm once and for all where these lovelies have wound up post-shattering!


  1. warcraftpets says the Disgusting Oozeling drops in Un'Goro now.

  2. @NiceBloke: prior to the shattering the disgusting oozeling was available via nearly any higher lvl ooze so long as it dropped the item level 50 oozing bag, so it wouldn't surprise me if that remained true even after the patch.

  3. I can't confirm the white kitten, but I CAN confirm that lil timmy still paths around stormwind; I ran into him just as he despawned :( so it's possible that he still sells it.

  4. @Anonymous: that's great news! now i guess we just need someone to camp his spawn point to see if he has the white kitten with him.. damn his three hour spawn timer though. :\

  5. I spent some time farming Scalding Whelps in the Badlands, idk if Bunny Hunter has stopped working or not but it did not register that i was getting credit for kills towards having the Dark Whelping drop. I got the feeling that those Whelps don't drop the Dark Whelping anymore. I'm gonna try farming the Wetlands next to see if I have any luck there. Is it true that the Razzashi Hatchling is still available even though ZG is gone?

  6. @Ravaen: yes, a blue poster stated that the razzashi hatchling would still be obtainable post-shattering. we just need to do some hunting and find out where exactly it drops from now. my guess is that it is a drop from a specific mob/group of mobs in STV or a zone drop in STV, but we'll have to wait and see.

  7. My sweetheart found a Dark Whelp off one of the Scalding Whelps in Badlands today, his first kill too!

  8. Confirmed drop of the Dark Whelp, in The Whelping Downs area of Burning Steps, off of a Flame Scale Broodling.

  9. Hi! My main is Sapho on Boulderfist (EU). There is a Hyacinth Macaw on the AH at the moment. I whispered the seller. I think we had a slight language barrier, but he said it dropped for him in northern Stranglethorn on Friday last week, from a "tiger pirate". No clue what he meant by the last bit, so I headed off to STV. Can't find any pirates in northern Stranglethorn. My guess is he meant it dropped from a tiger but can also drop from pirates . . . but I wouldn't bet on it! Not sure this is terribly helpful info really, but it does make it seem more likely that the macaw still being out there in STV somewhere


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