Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Four More Updates Plus One

according to wowhead's cataclysm beta blog, in the upcoming beta build (13277) the icons for tiny flamefly, bubbles, little snail, and lizzy have been changed and updated. this makes me hopeful that they will be prepped and ready to go for cataclysm, but we'll have to wait and see. even some companions with complete spell/item IDs, icons, etc. don't make the final cut and end up being put on hold or unavailable to players altogether. still.. i'm crossing my fingers! there's still no word on how these four companions may be obtained.

also noted on wowhead's recent post is a change to the crawling claw (available in cataclysm through the secondary tradeskill, archaeology). as of the next beta patch, it will be BIND ON ACCOUNT. i think this will be the first player created companion that is BoA. it must be a pretty difficult pet to obtain for blizzard to make it of epic quality and bind on account.


  1. It's a good sign, but as you said at the end it means nothing. Still waiting on the Alarming Clockbot...

    As for the Claw, Archaeology rewards are all BoA so I'm not that shocked this one was changed as well. I didn't get beta but I've heard it's a long process to grind up the skill, probably not attractive to do it on multiple characters so that's pretty cool I guess.

  2. Finally, another pet that will show off true collectors apart from the Maccaw. I *need* that crawling hand.

    How many new pets have been confirmed now? I've lost track (hint, time for an updated confirmed/unconfirmed list) ;)

  3. @Harval: i'm not entirely sure that all the rare archaeology rewards are bind on account. most of the epic quality items are, but not the rare quality items. (note that i'm referring to epic/rare items as indicated by the color of the item name, not the ranking within the archaeology discovery scale.)

    @NiceBloke: hmm i don't think the number of confirmed pets has changed a whole lot, just a bunch of new unconfirmed additions haha.


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